CDC issues warning for Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases surge

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released new guidance for Thanksgiving to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 as cases rise nationwide.
4:54 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for CDC issues warning for Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases surge
I'm pleased to have doctor Darian Sutton an emergency physician in New York City here to break its all down for hours after Sutton. Good morning guys great to talk here you know how big is this news from five's are today and when do you think the general public can expect this vaccine. Well good morning it's incredible news actually now that we have these efficacy rates reported by Pfizer and return it which are all MR any vaccines. It proves that there's possibly some major hole in the future treatment of the nineteen and most importantly prevention. S courts ruled out on distribution I think possibly we probably won't see it until early next year or in early spring. And let's talk about this CDC warning we heard in the past that because of the ventilation risk on claims is low at everyone has a mask on so. Why do any to avoid traveling for the holidays. What right now has never been more important to pay attention be vigilant and be mindful of the fact Aaron now not only are we had a pandemic we're experiencing an. An incredible surged. Matthew stated earlier we have the most amount less stations meat wrapper reaching over 80000 most recently compared our air surges in April and July were approximately 60000. So now it's an important time you pay attention and do every possible thing in order to mitigate the spread of the Cyrus also urban hospitals and overdo it over. Urban hospitals from overcoming your. And when they say hey don't celebrate with anyone outside your household what are your household is just one or two people. So that's the imports and case you know as a person who is also wanted to celebrate with my family after realize that household is separate from my household and out of my grandparents and it really is not agreed time you combine households and what we're trying to advise people is that tries best you and to mitigate these factors and separate and I'd really would advise people not to be involved an indoor gatherings with closed insulation. With multiple households this increased the risk spread. And as someone simply said or it is important time to pay attention it's better to have zoomed Thanksgiving and how to conference from the hospital or new years. And we've been seeing more restrictions like curfews in place how does that help quite as a matter of someone's at a restaurant at 9 PM vs 11 PM. So this becomes a sticky part I have to say that I personally disagree with establishing her views I think when rules are given out in order to serve its mitigation backers we have to be direct identify those places that are high risk in Sao counties and and and and states that are high risk administratively close those areas and curtail the amount of people are. Eating those areas. Ours occurred you're personally think that it. They can even lead to more people distrust in the system because it's not. Under city easily and like someone importantly says this virus is not a man imparted dozens of attack at night. Yes you most of these outbreaks are occurring during the day and my fear is that a yes that's occurred knew what are people surging in the tune beat that hurt you and lead to more. Spread to an ongoing discussion on that first shore at New York. Which I know is where you work as well where I live you know it was hard hit. By the virus in the spring now we're seeing positivity rates creeping back up are you worried about a repeat. Absolutely have to say that as I worked in New York during the items pandemic I saw what it looked like when hospitals reached capacity and when you run out of room inevitably mortality increases so what we're trying to say in the states like California and New York that although we're not suffering the highest reach orbit eighteen. They're most densely populated are most at risk are exponential growth right now we have to seek every mitigation for the urban. And I I got a viewer question on Twitter that I wanted to addressing you this person's asking if it's true that if you have Kobe you can be listed as a Kobe death. Even if you died of something out of this isn't commonly heard. Miss conception so can you explain how it really works. If this is actually important question to answer because accurate Austin what you've left understand is that when you're admitted to the hospital often times more often than not Haitians at other morbid issues such as hypertension and diabetes. And unfortunately of that person were to die. There inevitable death have listed as albeit as a diagnosis but also listening contributing backers like their morbid issues are retention diabetes also important to note it Kobe and create additional mortgage issues like respiratory failure and real barrier ring legalization X to the armed person who may not be equipped to understand the ports can look like someone outside of other issues are being hit by this is not to be confused as someone has admitted orbit nineteen and during equalization the guy is never weak due to their initial cost which most are and more often than not -- it. And so they would not have died had they not contracted cove in nineteen is that the idea. Not to be exact date your right doctor Darian Sutton is always great to have you thanks so much for joining us today. Are you 200 needs him.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released new guidance for Thanksgiving to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 as cases rise nationwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74323349","title":"CDC issues warning for Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases surge","url":"/Health/video/cdc-issues-warning-thanksgiving-covid-19-cases-surge-74323349"}