Coronavirus cases surging across the country

The CDC is now recommending Americans wear masks on public transportation. ABC's Faith Abubey reports.
2:33 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus cases surging across the country
Rotavirus testing rates are falling in some states even as infections rise and there are some encouraging news in the race for a vaccine the Wall Street Journal reports in the dirt up. Expects in our results from its vaccine trial next month. Which means the government could authorize emergency use of the vaccine in December if all goes well. And now ABC's fate of who they joins us with some new guidance from the CDC good morning faith. Hey good morning Monad Kurd a virus case this are surging across the country. And what some are calling a new wave but many hospitals feeling the strain. As the CDC releases a new guidance on wearing masks. This morning a new recommendation from the CDC saying anyone traveling on public transportation said Wear a mask. A practice already required in several states but the guidance coming just days after a White House advisor diapers on that list claimed that don't work his message removed bites winner. It comes as dangerous signs emerged nearly 400000. New virus cases nationwide in the past week hospital with patients up in 41 states. And 21% of hospitals across the country running low on icu bets there's. What are. Highest number of patients we head. Since the. An El Paso, Texas 500%. Increase in cases does much the virus taking the life of El Paso bishop Hairston Johnson. Who gained worldwide attention last year presiding over the funeral for a mass shooting victim. Something like. August 3 shooting it would never be here in El Paso but it was so you know we can never say it can't happen here origin not happen to us. On the front lines in Salt Lake City health care workers same resource that's are stretched sent. They cannot continue to do this. Out this case for as long as we are looking the trajectory of coach in nineteen for our country. Other trends and experts called worrying Massachusetts just reported its highest number of cases in one day since may Florida is seeing infection rates rise for the first time since July Arkansas has reported its largest daily increase in hospital with race. And this case is right across Illinois area at least new restrictions sick Douglas mayor with this morning. Make no mistake. We are in the second search. And in Kansas one nursing homes saying ten of its residents have died. After all 62 tested positive for the virus Kansas and now seeing an average of more than 700. New cases every single day Mona. They think yeah.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The CDC is now recommending Americans wear masks on public transportation. ABC's Faith Abubey reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73709662","title":"Coronavirus cases surging across the country","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-cases-surging-country-73709662"}