Coronavirus emergency continues

Hospitals and medical workers are overwhelmed as cases surge nationwide.
5:23 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus emergency continues
It corona virus cases surge nationwide eleven states are now reporting record high called at 919 hospitalizations. Hospitals and immune to all are now overcapacity. Rationing health care workers and sending patients to overflow banks. They BC's Matt Gutman is in Salt Lake City with the latest from there. Hey Jerry Diane. I'm here at the intermountain medical center in Salt Lake City beautiful day sunny outside. The news however cutting out the rocky mountain area as you know. He's not so good the caseload here if you time and gave us around here is Nevada Wyoming and Idaho is really bad. Significant uptake. And to nurse manager Shawn and Michelle they're both trauma nurses are not happy icu. Com and they've been dealing with this pretty much every day for the past seven months so just gonna ask you you know one of the things we talked about is that people here in this part of the country. Believe that copd is a hoax. What's your take. I would say it is not folks we do as it every single day and the nurses go ahead and take care very sick patients that have got this disease and it complicates a lot of other illnesses they also going on and it's very real we do additional. They. Gather separately not a hoax it's very. We see it every manner rice Hughes and it seems like it's not ending and it's getting worse. How sicker the patients when they come in. Then there's you know there they're very sick patients in the thing that's really terrible that this. Illnesses seems like his become an inmate's deteriorate slowly or sometimes sometimes put even they did teary. 2.2 areas they get very very sick and they take a lot of care has a lot of time is spent trying to deal with these patients. One major concerns is that we're seeing is very significant uptick in newly infected cases which means in about ten days to two weeks. These people to start coming into the hospital very safe what is it gonna look like in two weeks we have another massive influx. I was going to be even more shifting patients around and juggling of. Crews got to go where to a chasing you you only see the president of the hospitals talk about rationing care. You know the good thing about. How we operate especially here is we have these very. Impromptu daily maintenance tunnels where. From administration doubts our nurses level we. Have very short fast. Conversations and huddles about which patients we have where they're gonna go so we can take care of everybody because we don't just take care just told that we take care of. The population as a as a whole selves and our way to get around having problems like that is to just daily maintain. And talk about where we're gonna put them at how well we can take care of everybody. How serious is the fatigue factor for medical staff because we have administrators of the hospital say we have the beds we just don't have the people right. A hundred you guys. Word exhausted and I'm sure those are nothing new that we need not actually turned those terms so many people. You've probably interviewed is played it is very exhausting and emotionally draining you know like RER says suffering are respiratory therapist Tucker. You know our icu nurses are born nurses everybody as it is not though the wind section that that patient population is in it is affecting the whole. System. And it and it's there's publications are everywhere ray and it's not just the common patients you know we have our regular patients that we take care to so we've got. Your regular normal also the heart attacks and car crashes and he has since a disease have all of that and then you out just on top of and it just makes them a little more difficult. Are nurses are fantastic her doctors are excellent and we just you know every day we just we treat it like here we go we've gotten us. So when you hear that people are opposed to wearing masks that they don't want to see any shut downs. As a make you feel. You know it it's a frustrating point two to argue with someone about masks and hand hygiene and social distancing you know we don't want to shut down life either. I think there's a fine line to be had had balance to be had to live. Keeping things open and staying alive and functioning goods being responsible and looking out for those around you and and your family yourself it's more than just about you get on feel if you do these things you can help other people. I was sure we understand that society of the community who refuses to always need their help for shared ride this is not just health care I think we can we talk about got all the time as. Dam on our Florie if the public gets help us that the issue would go along way. And so what are the issues Terry des and is that com. Folks especially in his front country. Are very reluctant to Wear masks and coming into the airport today I saw people as soon as they landed they pulled down their mass walking through the airport talking on the phone. I can see that pretty widely. And it is a major issue especially with the local politicians. Lobbying against universal and that's where. Com and that is something that it administrators in in. Infectious disease doctors in the hospitals are just so despondent about because it's a public did help. He would really reduce a lot of pressure on medical staff. John and children here comes in and back to you guys and I as a public health issue that unfortunate has become a political issue as well our thanks to Matt Gutman.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Hospitals and medical workers are overwhelmed as cases surge nationwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73890896","title":"Coronavirus emergency continues","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-emergency-continues-73890896"}