COVID-19 surges, but hope is on the way

Cases around the nation are skyrocketing amid preparations for vaccinations at distribution centers.
3:20 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 surges, but hope is on the way
2800. People died and over 2171000. Tested positive for Covert nineteen yesterday alone. So they're both record numbers and medical experts say we still haven't seen the impact. Come on Thanksgiving holiday sort of action. Today CDC warned that the virus has entered a phase of high level transmission in the US DB agency warned just more important than ever to follow public health guidelines like wearing a mask and avoiding crowds and indoor gatherings and washing hands regularly. Does guidelines are more important than ever because we're so close right now are we to getting that cold but nineteen vaccine states and cities around the country are already preparing for the day when they are able to start getting the vaccines to patients. Into their arms are Matt Gutman got a closer look at how that's going to war and he joins us with more mad. I caring guy and so we heard on her health. Hospital systems in Phoenix as you know and down these are these tents that they've set up their. About 5678. Of them and what they're doing his or administering. Not vaccinations inside. Down to you slumping people's armed having a syringe in their hand there's nothing in size ago worried. Taking people's names and then telling them to wait in the parking lot. Over here for fifteen minutes to make sure that nobody has any of her symptoms again. This is just a troll I'll relay to see where the kinks are in this distribution system. Now they operations manager here tome something really interstates and that is. They got the vaccine to how the raw materials but. There is no playbook this has never been done. In the history of medicine nobody has worked with an MR NA vaccine before that's why inside. You may be able to see those. Freezers that we saw early this morning that keep the vaccine at minus eighty degrees or so Celsius. So back out here. What's gonna happen is cars are gonna rival over on that side and they're gonna cycle through. Get checked in her weeded out if anybody happens to be in this line by mistake and then they're gonna go through these various strands. Talk to clinicians can get the vaccination. Moved to the waiting point. Lots of kinks and lots of uncertainties. They have to figure out exactly and they don't know this yet but exactly. How to get the vaccines from the clinic in those freezers inside. Out here now they have about an hour to work with the vaccines. Before they become too volatile to actually administer so. Today has some walking out and it goes to they have a golf cart taking it out there working all of these things out how long does it take each car to go through. That's what they need to work out are people gonna have of her symptoms or they can have some sort of side effects which is possible. What are they gonna do with them there. Lots of things to work out but the biggest questions for everybody. Dealing with the vaccine many places hope to get a by December 11 of course and begin administering it by the fourteenth herself. The biggest question. How many actual vaccination doses will they get. And when are they actually going to get them again everything still up there near the playbook the number of doses and the timing back to you both. A lot of steps of the process map but good to see that they are doing everything they candid try to repair work at all out now they're ready. When that vaccine is approved.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Cases around the nation are skyrocketing amid preparations for vaccinations at distribution centers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74548250","title":"COVID-19 surges, but hope is on the way","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-surges-hope-74548250"}