Day care teacher loses foot to flesh-eating bacteria

Raul Reyes, 26, remains hospitalized after having his right foot amputated on Feb. 23.
1:42 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Day care teacher loses foot to flesh-eating bacteria
In just a few days time role ray is is using a walker and in good spirits he had been so close to death everyday I Henderson sees him. I think about it back. Back at a loss tam concern about what he thought was a blister last week the 26 world went to a clinic where they told them he had a flesh eating bacteria. He went to bed Todd did just all happened so fast. Before could spread to his bloodstream. A life changing surgery. He got up front Cobb. From gasoline and I'm saying that he was in the ER and that Berry and his gonna go to surgery there just and I believe there and check to see unit at saint this. And then thirty minutes later as I am in his they just tell me that they had to have guilty because if they did and then he would have done. White Jocelyn Alfaro says doctors believe the bacteria entered through an open wound from an in grown toenail. But they don't know where he got it common places for infection are sold Albrecht dish water. They just like now he's perfectly healthy and having us in the region IAEA and so you hear us. So weird how all of this afternoon. The west Houston day care worker doesn't have insurance his family wants them to have a prosthetic foot. His sister in law set up a golf fund the account to raise money is very grateful. I'm his world would be ready tomorrow all right he's pushing himself day to day out used walker and other therapy are part of his daily routine now. His three year old students Jocelyn also a teacher at the same school says help him get through. Sometimes I sent him videos on the kid saying hides Hammond it just amazes us gave him he just wants the ball back to late night. And be with the tape Jessica Willey thirteen Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Raul Reyes, 26, remains hospitalized after having his right foot amputated on Feb. 23.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"53530902","title":"Day care teacher loses foot to flesh-eating bacteria","url":"/Health/video/day-care-teacher-loses-foot-flesh-eating-bacteria-53530902"}