5 Day Eating Plan

Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares easy tips for weight loss from "Your Body Beautiful?"
4:03 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for 5 Day Eating Plan
We're all looking for ways to stay fit and -- but the problem you lies with the lack of time and sometimes self control. Well doctor Jennifer Ashton is joining us to share her five day eating plan and some great fitness tips. She's the senior medical contributor here at ABC news and her latest book is called. Your body beautiful clock stopping secrets to staying healthy strong and sexy in your thirties forties and beyond. Captain thanks so much for joining us for having me one of the best things about your book I thought with the five day plan because it's something that everyone can do. -- -- adamantly well first of all it's something that I do myself and my actually my whole family -- my husband included. And it's something that I've been working on with my patients for almost ten years. And the reason I felt that it had to go in this book is because it is not gimmicky it is so easy to do and it's sustainable and effective and I think that. Regardless of your age. Every woman is looking for ways to control her -- and and improve her fitness and obviously and just think healthy -- exactly and without depriving yourself and without feeling like you're always on a diet so it's not a diet it's an eating plan. And I think that's what really sets it apart because let's face it any diet that we hear about. They all can be effective because they're all low calorie that he is sustaining you know right and that's why I think and so brilliant because you can sustain -- -- out what the first five days -- -- and then what a weekend with what's so that thing about the five day to day eating plan is that it really goes along with the work or school -- so during the workweek you know Monday through Friday your super strict and the basic -- and that is avoiding what I call. Are the five really bad bad cards usually -- the white cards but basically we're talking about bread pasta rice cereal and sweet. Other than that you really can eat what ever you want in unlimited quantity so that wealth that's huge -- there because most diets are really. This much of that in your measuring portions and you really hard -- -- here on ago it it's just not realistic if you're at work if your school and you're traveling if -- even at home with a busy family he can't do it so Monday through Friday you avoid those five types of cards. What else do you because that's what might might the first question my peers and that is what -- -- -- -- Basically you're eating lean pro -- fruits vegetables you can have some yogurt. And during that time. You know you're just avoiding those five -- the best part about it is that on the weekends when things tend to lighten up anyway based on our social life and our work life. Then you go back to those things if you wanna have a bagel you have if you wanna have pizza you have it. Think apple makes -- sustainable if they are not yet hiding yourself for a long period of time and -- -- stick with -- five day that's right and every week you get to reset and what happens over time is metabolic Lee our body gets used to those five days. Matt always win so five days beats two days and over the course of the year you will take off weight and -- I found myself and with so many of my patients is. Over time this did take awhile have to -- took a couple of months. You don't crave those parts anymore since -- and final debate on Sunday exactly why so it's all outlined in the book the -- things you should do things you shouldn't do a step by step plan and it's incredibly fast that happened never -- what part of that let him out but it plays a huge part because. Physics still applies to our -- and maintaining -- -- in verses out so -- is the number of calories we burn during the day. And what I found is that women at every age need to put more time more commitment into fitness. That's what your body wants it wants to move so when you're talking about exercise. It has to be fun. It has to be different because your body is a Smart machine Italian accent -- you don't it's totally up at muscle confusion and different exercises is the key. And you know you do it with a friend. You have to enjoy it or you won't stick -- how many days a -- -- -- six. Sorry. I'm not sure that -- But if you find something you enjoy and if you do it in a different manner it will be fun it'll be easy to -- Doctor Ted -- and thank you so much angry parents and enjoying rock.

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{"id":18610580,"title":"5 Day Eating Plan","duration":"4:03","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares easy tips for weight loss from \"Your Body Beautiful?\"","url":"/Health/video/day-eating-plan-18610580","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}