New documentary 'Heal' explores the power of the mind

Filmmaker Kelly Noonan Gores on her new film, "Heal."
13:26 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for New documentary 'Heal' explores the power of the mind
It's not just that disease starts in the mind. It's been everything starts in the minds. This world he stresses are 24/7 365 the net result is illness. 90% of what takes people to the doctor are stress related illnesses. What you perceive a threat in the old days we refer to that is fighter flights and now it shall spouse saw it gives you boss or his friend that's due in a week and yet the system reacts as it's a life threatening situation and if you're running a fight or flight response all the time. You're immune system's compromised chronically. We have the most money going into health care than any country in the world and we have some of the worst statistics on health care doctors and insurance companies give drugs to enhance the side effects more toxicity more toxicity do you know. Ill health. In my body wants to be healthy budget to the head to the chest X. I don't know clay Goodell is it flew in a way we have more faith in the power Cantu to kill us then we have faith in the power of infinite possibility tune. Every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself under the right conditions. We're those conditions that's that's the question. We are in a mindset that her body as a machine all of organs with buttons and levers that need adjusting. Psoriasis an accidental cause unknown also Oscars this cause and no fibromyalgia. Cause I know there have been radical remission for every single cancer take. Pancreatic cancer stage four lung cancer a big brain tumor that's considered inoperable there are examples of people out there with Gil trend. When I went to attack they were all using these nine only two of them is the rest are mental emotional and spiritual. Does this mean medicine is all negative like no absolutely not medicine does miracles live trauma Kim grundy units believe today homelessness but don't believe the problems. BC he and his belief itself shifts biology that intelligence giving us life it is degrees Koehler and world. Symptoms are brilliantly intelligent and waking. Doesn't matter how long even six you can he'll always remember that in never forget it. We are here with the director that documentary Kelly needing course the talk about. How you came up with the idea to do this. Documentary what took you on that journey all the things just start with at the beginning attack how did you even decide that you wouldn't do this. It just all of all the people the documentary had empowered me in my life. You know a different phases of my life and I think that. You know I didn't go on. Healing journey with. A diagnosis a lot of people ask me when you sick without a motivated you do this but actually. I just average and I would hear read a book by one of these experts. About what's possible with the human body your our how our mind. Scientifically. You know affects the chemistry of our body our thoughts emotions or beliefs. I thought oh my gosh everybody needs to know this has its own powering. We we are victims. You know our jeans at the genetics says that we are lifestyle choices and our beliefs and our motions actually. In form what genes are expressed so. I just thought it was so much empowering information at a time when so many people are suffering. Like. Almost 50% that the country is dealing with a chronic illness and I thought that the information it's the time is mounted just. Make people aware of what the human body is capable and how we can participate in the healing will. When you talk about here and I think that's sort you know new world thinking aching and like a little hippie Dick be what's the response been. And and talk a little bit about sort of how you do make this Warner. Opened for every once and a understand. Wrecked yes. It yet he might be perceived as being Lulu and new AG but I really you know a lot of people in the film are actual. Scientific researchers so Bruce Lipton Kelly turner. David Hamilton is organic chemists that used to work for the pharmaceutical industries so. A lot of this is science fact and I wanna to. Present. A balance. You know kind of case for the mind body connection and and and show the scientific research behind how our thoughts affect the chemistry of our body you know stress. It's kind of a good example. The way we perceive life and that's you know whether it's emotional Strasser. Or toxins and chemical stress all of that has you know and detrimental affect on our body. So. I it tried to make it a blend you know the science behind spears it's. What's the benefit in having people take away away when he think you want people to remember one name walkway seeing. Couple different things it's meant to. Give like. Inspired people to take their health back into their hands and not be a victim of the diagnosis. To look at your condition in these symptoms as a conversation. Feedback from your body saying that something is out of balance and if you want to Healy need to get to the root cause you don't want to just take a pill to silence a symptom. And this is not a anti western medicine documentary it's actually saying you know western medicine were so grateful to have what. Amazing technology and advancements in west medicine and drugs and surgery. But we should really. You know. Use those in an acute illness and in emergencies. And to get us over the hump you know take a pill to get you through the pain and tell you can. Find out what the root causes a you can you know. Figure out what's it is to regain balance as they did everything in collaboration together not just. Western medicine not just eastern Madison correct an eastern medicine it's these. Ancient wisdom that's you know been applied and successful for. Thousands of years when it's using herbs there. You know food or energy medicine or sound healing all of these modalities have been around an effective for thousands of years. So act you know we are energy where were made by operational you know. Everything is made up vanity so. You know. User western medicine go to your doctor get the diagnosis. But then you know don't fall prey to a prognosis don't let a doctor tell you what's possible for you here. Life and healing based on. Statistics because everyone is unique. And actor gonna take a western course of treatment support at and enhance it by you know doing mental emotional and here to work those happen. Scientists shown us. You know benefits under buys well seems like common sense kind things to think about it and but most people out there you know we're just kind of hypnotized to believe that you know. Our bodies are failing us and we just have to you know. But there's there's ways that we can boost immune system through positive thoughts and healing emotional trauma island and also expect that you mentioned the science behind this idea of a whenever you thinking your brain actually had some sort of reaction in your body. What it what is considered when you think something you have it as something else happens negatively positively what. Connection her act and they do they show some research in the film. Wouldn't they let that be to heart and HRT monitor their when people are meditating they're measuring and there their heart rate and that. They show that when your writing your mind getting to that he's a place like you're releasing. You know all sorts of healing chemical toxin Towson to open in all of these positive chemical also can meditation. Also through when you're feeling gratitude. And loved it measured but that's also releasing pots of healing chemicals on the other side. They've found that if you're feeling frustration jealousy rage they can measure that you're releasing stress hormones in July cortisol adrenaline. Northern on all of these things and that suppresses your immune system. The more stressed we are which you know the perception of life. One thing's gonna stress someone out that doesn't stress and others not to talk. Perception interpretation. That is sending signals through your nervous system to your cells. To turn on and off jeans and also release either harm. All our helpful. To basically think path. I have signed up like the more positive you can think the better. It is but that scenes so super and you know and like. But you know we talk in the film it's. They. Judges spends as talks about you when you get a diagnosis you've healed the year. Or sadness. And so you can think positively all you want Michael that the best thing. But if you're feeling fear. You know it's not gonna that the positive thinking knock and it translate that here's an. Eat the thing that's putting in the stress and when you're in the stress reaction when you're in the sympathetic nervous system. You're mean system's not working now. So. You're either in Reston repair or in fighter flight so. The problem is a lot of people are stressed all the time and and I just make people aware of how that. Is affecting your immune systems so when you need to heal you really need to act. Look at the stresses in life you know need to do all of these things to help your body. Get into the person that services them in Reston repairman. So that. It in a healer with and can do its job. Your audience and then. Herat like this incredible intelligence system. That now you had a big night here in New York today. Yes it's opening tonight in New York I'm running for week. At that abilities that and we just out of me run and in LA did really well we sold out and chosen. They're expanding it there so people that are letting it feeling fired. And want to share with that are going fears and how can people who aren't and you are currently intends to watch it. So people are hosting screenings all over the country and the world. And you can go to he'll documentary dot com a website and find we're screenings are in your area. You can also host a screening if you communities. Marines that found Q. And then will be in San Francisco Phoenix Denver and saint pay for a week one. In the month and a member. And then finally December 5 it'll be released on I. Went down. You can do it and hair found it. What's the response and to be honest. Most people are like oh my gosh I want to watch that again there's so much good information and and I I try to. Presented in a way that's you know. Not everything is gonna resonate with everybody but you know it had enough science and there too. You know resonate with the skeptics that may not naturally think this way. And and people you know I have. I have pharmacists and western national doctors that I like this that was really sticking with me and it just kind of ships the way that they'd. Deal with their patients I think is beautiful. And then other people want to watch against Vick and really soak in the information and they want to immediately shared it with people that they love it. Could use this information. In power can you nervous when. Her back. It's so vulnerable in like my first down and it's a sensitive subject you know when someone dealing with. Cancer it's you know it's easy to. Talk about. Howell you know the possibilities of healing we actually going through it and doing the fear and pain and everything else that's you know so it's it's a very sensitive topic and I. Approached it and a lot of the people in this. Them are people in now the people who are looking healing process where. Hoping for healing their people we are close to you just random strangers exactly and that's that's what's crazy to me it's like just I know some people. And I feel like. You know. Everybody knows someone touched by cancer like and it's more and more prevalent and you know it's not the from that camp at about chronic illness and all of these mystery illness is out there Aston. Lupus and have a mountain ease the skin diseases that you know. And so. I just think it's crazy house how many people are dealing with an in house is it is it just because our world is becoming so toxic or. Are we just too stressed out like what is gone really wanted to explore that in response. You know. That it lets get that Elena healthy how you know it's crazy cellular. Thank you for doing it today you can see. He'll documentary for self. It'll be on iTunes this summer that it. Yeah.

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