Diet Reality Check for Summer Weight Loss

Dr. Besser breaks down five weight loss myths in time for summer.
7:18 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Diet Reality Check for Summer Weight Loss
He's ABC's chief health and medical editor now he's written a book called tell me the truth doctor. Easy to understand answers to your most confusing and critical health question. And today it's gonna help us understand some very common diet misconceptions just in time. For the warmer weather thanks stocks are -- so much for joining us today it's great to be yours though in some tell you what made you write this book it seems that. A lot of people were asking the same questions over and over crowd -- -- That's part of -- there's so much confusing health information out there and and what I try and do on the ABC shows. He's take that information and go through -- to what is the signs say. And they give people a clear answer and these are the questions that I get more than any other and that's -- I tried. And I love you -- happen and it says oh just one more thing doctor or where so many of your patient deaths as their leading asking the question they really wanted to ask you in the first. I mean so often people come to see their doctor there's something on their mind -- But there. Afraid to ask the question -- they think it's a silly question in not until you're getting up and you have your hand on that doorknob. They say oh just one more thing I correct and that's the reason they came so you have to allow -- -- five minutes in the visit. For the going out the door for -- And you know that they're alienating your way yeah where it was easier enhanced. -- -- and mayor -- that are usually so let's get this -- right around -- corner just isn't diet misconceptions about a lot of -- minds right now. Shedding little extra weight. And there's so much confusing like is that -- information out there let's start with this one. Six small meals verses three big ones it's got to be better for losing weight right right we hear a lot. Well for some people it may be but which you have to look at is if if you normally have three decent sized meals and then -- -- -- -- go for six. And those six meals -- up to more food that you normally those three. You're not gonna gain weight and a year not to lose weight you're putting in more calories. But for some people spreading it out having smaller meals it means that -- never getting overly hungry. So that -- -- time comes they're not just just stuffing their face -- eating too many calories but there's nothing magical about the number is thematic calorie should take. So is some what some forms of -- -- for some people in other ways -- for -- yeah but keep your focus on the number of -- and you're making the switch decent calorie counting and great gallantry eating seeking keep track certainly don't want six big -- -- -- not -- market are now skipping breakfast should mean fewer calories so I should be losing -- he. It it it makes sense that that would be the case but it's absolutely rob you're the reason for that is that when you skip breakfast by the time lunch comes long. You were so hungry you're gonna eat more during that lunch and -- you would if you had a decent breakfast and the other thing is. It's been shown that if you skip breakfast you're not gonna be as sharp when you go to work connect can be able to focus kids in school they're not -- -- well in school -- this breakfast it's really important don't skip a meal have a healthy meal. -- did not not the junk food breakfast but a healthy meal gets an hour so people say -- -- they -- happened just not congress -- you forced yourself to eat even if you're not hungry I think maybe it is important list U been listen your body. I think I nice balanced breakfast is even a small one is a good way get the day started it. Examples hard boiled egg in a banana that at a breakfast that's not that I you know some some yogurt and some granola. With a little fresh fruit right that's Grady gives you some complex carbohydrates and they granola. There will give you kind of a balanced release of -- of of those calories you're getting some of your your -- your vegetables in the yogurt is is is very good view as well as thoughts if we're having -- -- -- written -- eating a banana and and spread a little -- Clara there are some reasons right that's not a bad way to get you know announced that -- He's -- may have gotten beloved manatee and about how right now this is this one. Really needs and talking about that this confuse me I need to rat a ramp up to thirty minutes of exercise a day -- -- -- it -- seems to make perfect -- well. You know this is this is when -- gets no time because. Near the government's standards are the people -- get thirty minutes of exercise a day five days a week plus two days of of of muscle building -- -- Well that's enough to put almost everybody off from even getting started because who has thirty minutes five days a week and meet our lives are so busy. But how can we lose weight if we don't you -- the studies show that in terms of of of your life in extending your life in the benefits. Even fifteen minutes today is is enough to give you some benefits of just taking five minute bursts. Get up from your -- walk around the block that will do something but when it comes to weight loss. Exercise doesn't contribute that much it's really the calories really exercises for fitness your heart your bones. It releases chemicals in the in your brain that that can help you with the whole died combination. But but on its own exercise many people will be so hungry after yet and desserts are -- more especially women and fortunately. That's a very good moment he's got to keep that in mind all right. Should I change -- to sports drinks to supplement my diet yeah. You know sports drinks to B. For most be less -- a really really rigorous athlete. Sports drinks to me -- are basically -- in disguise. There is a ton of sugar in -- -- streaks and you don't need to -- my kids when they -- played you know. Junior soccer and the kids would be on this silencing sports drinks or baseball where they're barely running of their -- sports things. It's unnecessary water is the way to go. Definitely there's no benefit to -- that that you're getting any calories you need your -- you don't need to carbohydrates there is little salt and there. So you -- if you -- really exercising hard for an hour. Yes you can have a sports -- That some water some mix there right pled no. I love that image that a baseball game and -- plan that much -- -- guzzling this immigrant Anthony. And usually asked -- -- music I wanna look like that actually mean they are -- -- they can do you know they can. They can win this -- the super ball of course it was that it's good marketing and -- Margaret. And here is our final Mitt. I sleep a little less than in other words I stay up longer if that means I must be burning more calories. Let me just -- and I get skinny. -- I mean we all just just -- -- all the time on sleep because we work hard that we wanted to do social stuff and sleep get squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. It's been shown though that sleep a good night's sleep seven hours sleep is very important in terms of weight -- are you burning calories -- sleep well. It's it's not so much about calorie burning as his hormones their hormones that are released in your body and when you're not getting enough sleep. The hormone that says I'm hungry goes up and the hormone that says I'm full goes down. And so -- up with more hours to eat in your body is saying feed me feed me feed me. So not a good way to lose weight in fact just the opposite is true if you get a good night's sleep it's gonna help unit -- plan. Shift workers who work strange hours of work overnight are the first attire they eat too much during that hour is really really hard that shift work. Can you really are they had yet to be really careful if you just who we are able to doctor about a thank you so much for debunking Ali's great diet myths it's a lot of and there's so much more than people can find out in -- -- and again this is published by hyperion which is. Also owned by Disney our parent company and you can get in bookstores everywhere right wonderful -- about the thank you my pleasure.

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{"id":19145937,"title":"Diet Reality Check for Summer Weight Loss","duration":"7:18","description":"Dr. Besser breaks down five weight loss myths in time for summer.","url":"/Health/video/dr-besser-breaks-diet-reality-check-summer-weight-19145937","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}