Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers' questions about coronavirus

ABC News' chief medical correspondent responds to questions about the coronavirus, the risk for smokers and vapers and more.
5:18 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers' questions about coronavirus
Let's turn now to our doctor Jan asked with a few the very important corona virus questions. You all are asking processor doctor channel begin with the first question it reads I was tested and showed signs of laryngitis. Sinus infection and an ear infection I was given a couple of shots. And very strong antibiotics and steroids for ten days that was passed but I continue to have it costs do I need to be retested. So that's a difficult question right now according to doctor found she mild symptoms and really should not necessarily rush out to be tested but remember. In medicine you can have more than one thing at a time so yes it's possible to have both. By and my favorite saying common things occur commonly so most likely it's just residual. From the previous infection our radar next question and reads I'm five months pregnant and I have asthma I work in the medical field and I'm the first contact when patients walk in the door. What precautions should I be taking. That's allowing me that's to me it really high risk issues we know that being pregnant is an immune compromised are immune suppressed condition. Number one we know that people with asthma or chronic lung conditions placed them. At a higher risk and then health care workers so this is an example of someone who needs to absolutely taped. Me most aggressive precautions possible and for anyone who's pregnant definitely be in touch with your midwife for your obstetrician. And communicate these concerns and see if there's you know other steps that you can take. Knapp never two safe with him that one now this next questions pretty interesting. With the new evidence that younger adults are getting to run a virus. Howell at risk are smokers. And vapors. That's an amazing questioned have actually gotten out a lot on my social media obviously we don't know because we have no deemed on this subgroup. However we know that smoking whether it's combustible cigarettes or he saves. Definitely does damage to the lungs and that could play someone at higher risk for severe complications of Coles at nineteen so. It makes sense but we don't have firm data on it are another reason to try and stop both of course. Our next question isn't good idea for when people are at home they use soap and water for hand washing. Rather than whites and sanitize users. Its own way is a better idea to use soap and water if you have any need because it's not only. Damaging to viral particles are bacteria. But the disruption. Of mechanically rubbing your hands together vigorously. Is also really important so if the saying. Is in your vicinity that should be number one in the hands sanitized or some wipes are really just for when there's no Sandra bell ball. This next question is one that has been plaguing my household we happened to have the scene people. Who we quarantine with starting last Thursday and it no one we see you can't leave the bubble but this next question. Should we allow anyone outside our immediate family in our home we have a sixteen year old. It's an ally who wants to have one friend over but we have said now doctor Janice got the right answer. That is the right answer Amy and listen. This kind of social distancing really is disrupted it can be unpleasant. Teen agers in kids are not used to not having their social lives in order. But remember your bubble is there for a reason it's protected your people. And the people outside so you can't have people coming in and out it's not just all one person. That could really make all the different at my teenagers have tried some very compelling reasoning with me like. My friend's dad. And big contested is gonna come dried and take and you know just give me all the reasons why it's okay but the answer should still be now. Saying my kids are trying its sale. We gonna be the adults in the house Ari here's the next question round doctor Jan with entire family's home. How can we calm the fears and anxieties of our loved ones. Let's send us the psychological social emotional part of this is mass ave I have heard from so many people on social media. That they feel overly stressed angered. Anxious scared you name it it's a full range of emotions I always say we have to connect from the neck up as well as the rest of the body because the body follows the mind and spare and so remember we can only address what's going on rate now with effort with preparation. With a sense of resilient. With a sense of resilience and on get through it together and express your feelings if you need to talk to a mental health professional. Now more than ever there are apps there are online. You know reach out and get that support and how. Yet and I know I've never talked more to my family than I have in these past few days with actually kind of been a blessing in disguise in terms of connections so. Think it's something we've all been experiencing doctor G and as always thank you so much and if you have questions for doctor Ashton send them on instant brand to at. Doctor.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News' chief medical correspondent responds to questions about the coronavirus, the risk for smokers and vapers and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69750497","title":"Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers' questions about coronavirus","url":"/Health/video/dr-jen-ashton-answers-viewers-questions-coronavirus-69750497"}