Filmmaker With MS Fights for Disabled

Jason DaSilva's film "When I Walk" will be in theaters starting October 25.
3:34 | 10/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Filmmaker With MS Fights for Disabled
Hi my name is Jason to -- I'm an independent filmmaker who. I moved to New York house -- hearings. And I started directing several pounds. Thanks for that I really welcoming. Then out of nowhere from. I was having trouble walking. So I went to my doctor to get a check down. This. Yeah. And stagnant primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Over the next several years and I found myself -- from -- we'll water. A scooter. I recorded the last seven years of my -- it turns 100 people fighting. Disabled. My dreams came true -- able -- send them the period this year. It's -- -- challenges that people fiscal disparities meaningless. I presume this is saying you company. Believe turn 16 people have a disability of some kind. In this letter and half million people with mobility challenges. -- -- Suddenly the staircase -- can get this summer. And two -- produced some place. Prevented me from -- It was frustrating singularly. Only to finally had time. Place a wheelchair accessible and mountain. So -- an idea. Taxes matter whose minds it's it's an on -- database accessible places program. Google's help over the past couple years we've been working hard to build the -- -- tool. As a lot of different things we can do as example I changed my hands well. Decade amended reality. So it can quickly -- they'll -- successful places around me without having tactile mobility. This -- is -- space and tax garrison yes there's been sent to that's coming to us that so many if not -- ones aren't. I hope that it could it is something that's valuable for people all around the world for generations to come. Who really extending -- is everybody can get involved and contribute taxes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Him. Let's work together. And -- accessible world.

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{"id":20545556,"title":"Filmmaker With MS Fights for Disabled","duration":"3:34","description":"Jason DaSilva's film \"When I Walk\" will be in theaters starting October 25.","url":"/Health/video/filmmaker-multiple-sclerosis-fights-disabled-20545556","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}