On the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

Tampa Mayor Jane Caster discusses why she believes Florida Gov. Ron Desantis was one of the last governors in the U.S. to issue a statewide stay-at-home order.
3:14 | 04/06/20

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Transcript for On the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic
Rachel, thank you so much. Florida's Ron Desantis became one of the last of the few remaining governors in the U.S. To issue statewide stay at home order. The mayor of the city of Tampa Jane castor was one of the first to take action issuing her own stay-at-home order back on March 26th. Mayor castor is joining us now. Thank you, mayor, for being with us. What made you issue your stay at home order so early on. Well, everything that I had seen from the literature, from other countries, the one thing that stood out was the distant separation, you know the issue with this virus was more so in the ease with which it was transmitted and the fact that it can remain silent in the severity of the virus itself. That's something I knew that we needed to take action on in order to protect all of our citizens in the Tampa bay area. And as far as the governor, this is a new issue for all of us. There is no playbook. So we are learning as we go. I wish that he had called for a statewide safer at home order earlier on. But it's done now so other counties surrounding us won't travel into our city and possibly infect citizens within the city of Tampa. The governor's order now supersedes all local orders. What's your reaction to that? Well, you know, that's fine, too, because we need that uniformity. But it really doesn't make any difference for the citizens of Tampa. In essence it's the same -- I try to explain it to everyone because there are a million questions you can ask, the intent is to have that distance separation. Let's talk about your community, the city of Tampa, how are you doing right now? Are you getting what you need from the state and then the federal government as well? I have never seen this level of unpreparedness from the federal government. The states and the counties and the municipalities are doing what they can to provide the supplies for testing and for taking the swabs and getting those, those tests done. And I have to say, I love how you are choosing some very modern ways to communicate with the city of Tampa. My teenage daughters would really appreciate it. You started a tiktok page to remind people to stay inside and wash their hands. That shout-out goes to our social media team. I'm 60 years old. I have zero ability in that area. My two 21-year-old sons are impressed as well. It's getting in touch with the younger members of our community because as I once felt, they're young and invincible. They can be the silent carriers. They can be infecting those individuals in their homes that may be in the high-risk categories. So we're doing everything that we can to connect with them. We actually have a dance party that's starting out today at 6:00 and we'll have that every single afternoon for our entire community, so we're very excited about that. That's great. I'll check that out, mayor castor. Thank you so much for joining us and stay safe. Thank you, Amy, same to you.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Tampa Mayor Jane Caster discusses why she believes Florida Gov. Ron Desantis was one of the last governors in the U.S. to issue a statewide stay-at-home order.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69998258","title":"On the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic","url":"/Health/video/frontlines-coronavirus-pandemic-69998258"}