Girl, 5, Recovering From Kidney Transplant After Initial Denial

Amelia Rivera had once been denied a transplant because of her mental disabilities.
2:14 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Girl, 5, Recovering From Kidney Transplant After Initial Denial
Yes he yeah my funeral Emilia or -- -- Rivera is home. Back to being entertained by her older Brothers Joey and Nate. -- -- -- her -- center -- it's a rare genetic condition that affects her physically and mentally. Right now her mother -- says -- -- it is healthy and happy to be with her family she's just. Fun to be Iran means she definitely has that connection with people just kind of not your heart it's been three months since -- -- had a kidney transplant her mother was her donor. She stayed about a month in the hospital and had a few setbacks. But it was -- -- saving operation that almost didn't happen. When I met the Stanley January of last year. They sent a doctor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Said Mia wasn't eligible for a transplant because us. Her mental retardation. Was aware that he's. That's sparked outrage online thousands calling it discrimination. -- later apologized. And released a statement saying it does not disqualify transplant candidate. On the basis of intellectual ability. Christie and her husband Genoa say now they have no hard feelings. They say they -- job it was actually but they also don't want anyone to forget. This wasn't a one time deal that it happened just to us this happens across the world and across the the United States we hope that we can move forward. As society and include everybody. The Rivera's are also moving forward. Almost back to their regular routine. My time I get home from work that we Connolly on accounts here. It's got to cost them. They -- what's the hockey game. With that group and -- Britain and crazy says her hope for me and that future is that she stays happy and healthy. A spokesperson from top also say today this staff is very happy with his successful outcome of this surgery. They say India's family is an inspiration and and they look forward to caring for her long into the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20547177,"title":"Girl, 5, Recovering From Kidney Transplant After Initial Denial","duration":"2:14","description":"Amelia Rivera had once been denied a transplant because of her mental disabilities.","url":"/Health/video/girl-recovering-kidney-transplant-initial-denial-20547177","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}