The Gloves Are On in this 2017 Workout Trend

ABC News' Amna Nawaz demonstrates how you can start throwing punches to get into shape at WORK Train Fight with trainer, Nikki Campbell.
24:23 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for The Gloves Are On in this 2017 Workout Trend
Hey everybody on the divide here live in downtown New York it's got you know we have been bringing you some of the highest workout trend new year new you. We want to make that up to get back into shape when he seventeen we're missing something very cool here. Courtesy of our friends over the past we gonna try and very cool boxing workout here in New York today if you don't know got hot at check it out. Available across the country the number of different cities over 8000 studios could paint you can take part in many different kind of I want. Testing Matthew how they go keep mixing it up in the new year but today. We are in work train fights boxing gym in downtown New York. Check this plays out. He probably about boxing but. Britney workout is definitely here day I've heard it. Credible party a work out animals bring meaning. To really get a little bit of a private that's in front of the fact that Nikki Albert thing I enjoy the great and I think and we're icons. I'm you're ready moment he has been bragging about how can I keep my eyes and he didn't carry back to earth and I'd never done it before but that problem and it might. Minutes. And your arm. We'll have beginning at activity in in the back right we have I think Perrier at that all of us. Use. An icy hot out here yeah that you're no need to back in the we have more beginner based classes in the studio back here OK well that warns immediate. In that front stays hot and I'm not the best this actually in very. Old I. Where members get a chance and opportunity to use all their skills and actions are. We're not gonna do that maybe next next batch of right now with a little more quiet space for an apple over the tutorial you're gonna run it through. That they think he would take any novice starting to boxing workout at the pops. Edit I thought I you ain't right your left. An array acts up. Wouldn't be surprised that right from the you're gonna have racked hits nice and where you want to accept your right foot back hot that turn a 45 degrees. Turn your front foot a little bit and on the evidence and Judy's. Publicize your it's. Make up this. Stance as you're boxing. A really nice congregants ordered him back. Government over the job offers Hijab as a righty is always in the U okay the nightmare like that's ever gonna extend all the way out points for some down. And the new going to be all the way back. But the together jab and back jab and back Jack. Jack keep yet. England though it your dad exactly right off that I did it. The right on that random you're sending unarmed and he full contact with that. Now 888 that's it from your shoulder it is an ambulance and I was just about that directly what that let me hand all the impacts your ship. Yes three to. Thanks senior written that would enable your crops your cross is always going to be your right this is the money shot this is the PowerShot. What I wanted to do was read that right without with a brick wall little bit more point nattering bringing. Internet about the right. Right here for the same. Armaments. And all the way out biggest differences but in turn hit and that are backed Clinton in. Exactly at cross. And then from my back that night props. But it's not all the way out but fox let us. Crops. Thought I don't know good I. Haven't. Thought I credit you need to get off. Stood and read out coupons off but Landry at any cuts you know. I'm asking you I've seen one time you bring in the balance overload. Your focus on this year he isn't here yet and it forces you debris and let's face in internment. We don't want that. Noted that you said that reading everything he. Let that era but I. Threaten your gonna go Jack Brock jab and then prof and then come right back into the rip it right up. Jan cockpit yet the mirror in front of the punch yourself right in the face. Jack shot at and it it. I jackpot. Let. But jackpot that. Jackpot. Night we're gonna go job crop that crop or once you once and it's time. Well let me you know once you once it looks just like that 121. Q and back back into the red. One Q1 Q nights. Two more tax. Up one you want you he's excited look pretty ready laugh along don't. Want to want to do. You shipment. Pneumonia. Another thing he doesn't like. And it I have to look punches cooks everybody's favorite the hook with one of them signed right near my former boxing fans. Anyway thank you look the same thing as before. But it. I act like religion your album gonna come up. I'm it and nine injuries and I hear nice and I want to turn turn turn turn you're just as Everett won't. Always look at yourself well in the come right back they literally thinking about looking here on OK but and I come back back through literally explode but Oprah yes that's right. What and then my back into the public company I think I'm at Verizon patents. On. But one more but I think but it's in the treatment look at what we're gonna jab crawl up yet ready to get. Jack Buck up that two more. Gut Jeff well. Last one. Jump off pup. Right so why can't. It get even one more punch cover punching me and definitely up at last summer unity with America but it ended up. Lastly summary of the Africa OK in the street fighters in street fighter that come up with my yet but a little bit. Any right near again I mention. And then he is intended gonna drop not too far. Right about here. Palm is gonna face you were you gonna come up and how to get your opponent in the U turn but as well just like I wouldn't let the process and the need to come right back. So up. And then come right back. Up and come right back. Up Brett. Up two more. Up last long. Up next silicon. And two back to back have left Africa and South Africa. Right and left and right then right from here but so you don't want to bring this album back to market that we were fighting has played a likeness. Analysts. Like Vanessa OK ready. Leftover cut right over the next act and there it goes up up and right back. Not good enough to have my back to your tooth got up. Nice one walked. Up up. But just at that animates many of and it all went quite. Well yeah well again. Arrogant but ever gonna go one. Two. And bucked OK exactly but again 12. Up up hook up. Again want to pop up book but that attitude out I think I think they know. You want but want to up up close up allegations of the entire sat lack want. Want to up up look up and take punches don't stop don't flip flip flip flip flip that read out of those punches keep that sit down. Good turn turn turn turn turn him hand him I can't reach it by. Well. They pick those patently. About it you think. You don't feel like doing that not been really it's it's back from the beginning of. Last week overall the movie lover offense and defense and then lastly on utility that perfect fit circle around it. Nonstop yet to really get back heart rate up in the that your body. Prepped and ready to work and walking up all the joins that we need to punch yet and I'm not gonna. About a mile from an abuse in my arms the pot right so really get everything Wanda. Numbers to our little alarm but epic love I thought I. Opening any getting from me. Felt as if not. Gonna keep let me that I get a bunch of talking in the press that. I it was you know unemployed at the time and I was. Don't get on board and my brother asked me to go to a boxing classic Clinton one took him up out of office. And it literally felt like from there I just going everything that you just love that I love this when you look at them. I just love the release think it's upon something learning the skill and you're working out clutching his in my body hasn't changed them. You might clear that the man they Olympic bomb in. Anything Newman. Let's empower him to learn a skill and often mentioned but I think after. When you find new people try it at birth when they tell you they love this. Man. Levy a lot of aggression in abatement EV a I don't need you want us need to hit pumping today like I guess hitting me. It's really there agree to part. Just when you like tactic Clinton things makes sense sometimes hope you will do this makes no sense of and it's I think work. And what I'm. And it. Both a hot moment. That's if you. Write I write it doing all right you made aware. We're gonna do sometimes is okay and have yet commit acts facing a boxy and let's bring that right without a little bit we don't want to be a little bit wider. That for too long I'm never gonna wanna fully turn it got so the more wide I am the more space I have a hit to turn out. Got an all new public opinion but we're gonna going to jab which candidate jabbing let's get right Jack. But Jack. But only in that rhythm and I think Jack us. Jack spitz we get a little it's an epidemic when debris that just like back up just. Just at the Fulton props and Jack crop Indian activist and profit that it might not. Let's let your little bit wider. Yet and I want to turn on the problem here that night but it's just. Us this. This. I don't want you won't see if it would it would. But. And I remember and yearn. Yes I always wanted to connect with a strong not about to get better and better over time they get a little bit larger part of the I never know that those got in the now once you once you would not. With over one suit up and added so what it out here for them well and well. That right from that you don't want. It. Yes it's just that it's up from the public comes up. But beneath. And it turned into right in the eighth ninth over Anchorage. Cough up an. Act. Pop up. While. The light (%expletive) Well. And while. A quick I am not. I love it now. But got off but again this it's. Not just knowing that used. It's nice to finish the right (%expletive) but out. It's just it's just. This just. If you don't want and not just this. 818 on his left right left right left right up and got what he is being looked like the fact that night when. The night when it put this behind you. At eleven and that engage in part that drive up that had an. Up. Soon. What. Are you under me and him but you know revenue that and it looked at so that means not only tell you. All of that mean I learned a little. It looked. At any don't want to. That amendment like this Fannie and I know Anemia left upper. But that academia left what. The have. And it all up look wrong. About. About not now what you. Edit and I think. Yet. But. Profit and it. Not not hooked up but one walk. Not but drop equipment like I just want an. But once he wants. Again once he once it. But ending up jab jab from left left right now. The left but again. Thanks wanted. Went to what prof. Double jackpot. With. More. But lastly government do when I would just one minute and a record right hand on my upper not a left hook and I. Don't come in with your face about it. Let back into thick than their arms reached a pay. One more. The son. What do. Others. What you want it. Now would Debra. But yeah it. And in in the twentieth street runs right at one. Not a funny that you I mean you let. Many I love it when he hit points right when he up at the back and looked up want me my that night that one. More likely that me. I've got to think what I think that the I don't want that putt I think that statement. No way. Little change. It truncated urged. You. Of what the axle were added that fortunate that we're how. The network how many people learn yes. But I. Everybody. Something of a public career for me silly act I've. Time. Of one minute on the girls went in the back streets meaning. Plus and that's the really important skeletal who were at pains. And then. You know much work. And home of an actor music. That it. At work. A lot of him in human like in. In apartment buildings like a random. And 19. Some in the face of that. OK in your boxing's. And the biggest issue that you look at the back in the oval what elected we're all it is his problem is it's built. Well we're gonna fight. In the and averages in a built from a sign over them. Politics and your arm of the Baghdad. But back a little bit. Going to be able to fully and a Jack. But every Jack it's Jack it's government jackpots. Tests but. Last one. Enemy little combination with just a treatment that from Jack. 111. On your. But again. 01 mark. But over some books on the back every. One name for the side in the back so without app I want to go to the little fat off and then you know what. Right to decide this step with the bad news all the across crop and then management and so with little bit yeah like that's just demonstrate in the active fans (%expletive) The you take that little sense that you're not. Reshuffling and that's about one. Cat I credit some idea. 12. Because of the bridge the gap at the Jack yet elegant about a little bit of a leaping. He's already advanced seven human like it look it up. Yeah not. Acting it out and Cuba. That that we that you want suit up exactly not what it's gonna be right anyone want. One suit up and checkpoint just don't stuff that that isn't that what. Good on the arm that Greek. And up 5432. But his build small mom and everything and that's oh. The last. The latest data on doing a little bit rush hour if we've been a fixture and you cannot. In that bag with us. So LTQ when you people again the network that we're card. Atlas string me 100% they've. Are favored. It's here that meets yet that combines the police about acts. Harmless like. Let you know when she. Fell violently. A strong foundation. And punches so whatever treatment at there spot. I felt right in. He not hit with rim is that I bought back at how up and I often asked why. I do jump Bob Levy don't count up. So then I think that give me three monthly get up than anyone. He got locked. Up. Next. That's just needed them all the time they come out. I feel like shocked like and that explosive power than talking about. So when you get a little bit more advanced you're really driving forward off your life and you want to have that picked yet to be able to go from zero to 100. Not tell telling. Nothing like last surprised her point given would even though. In lake Jackson died points and intensified after that there are evident on his friend you get the people that are just. But yeah twisting want to use of excellent turn one of the prison speculative run across with a come from your head yet all that. Golf and baseball all that support it applies exactly. Right any way. We're gonna have a little ball quickly and 100% get ready for your card spot where. Whole. Our big red a lot of people haven't medicine volatile lying around. They might about it maybe last year for the resolution. So now nationally with the U. And we'll hold an. That explosive power limited which has passed a working on the chest like animal and providing excellent that we do need yet. While combining it with using violence. At and and a face along with. You'd be right you're living in your boxing fans bubbles and and how to Madison mark right here take the chuck. Chin down and you use that grant that we did before with the punches as units on the ball out and come right back you knew it Katz record here just. And the come right back I noticed I took a little step driving off my back left and right there. From my path to. You are during a party at Marty he. You want to think along the lines of that. High intensity interval training and working as hard. For the U one C 2030 seconds so you're gonna explode as hard as you can't about one. Take effect taking it in you've got nineteen more effective when he party if you want one any good how government passport. We want them solid. And strong but I never want walked I don't want want want want nothing really. I mean that that's. Had an ape. Like. Let's Jimenez and I and it. I can't. It's become a little bit both in the beginning asking innocence or cut that thing and that's and bring it right threat that it really up. Troubles aren't looks from pat and greet the question but. That's the block content it well its credit but right along that. Just but again. Eight three mark this. Why did little breathing this you want over the but we're not like us. Yes it yet in order and got just edged up. My god did it even working by his opinion that now. Yeah you should try it out. After gotten. Up and check out. We. It's and where he mean by and he's hearing the the united. Work out the year you that we'll have more coming up in it and in an effort. See you soon.

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{"duration":"24:23","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz demonstrates how you can start throwing punches to get into shape at WORK Train Fight with trainer, Nikki Campbell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"44556773","title":"The Gloves Are On in this 2017 Workout Trend","url":"/Health/video/gloves-2017-workout-trend-44556773"}