Google Searches for the Key to a Longer Life

Google has invested in Calico, a company that seeks to reverse the aging process.
1:50 | 09/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google Searches for the Key to a Longer Life
Those who work with seniors like to say 85 plus his new sixty thanks to better nutrition exercise and health care. Google would like to see more people live longer and that's the reason why it's going to start calico and. I could -- them -- a focus group of people 95200. That I think could contribute a lot. Two if that is apparent effort and that's the focus is to increase the quality of life for seniors who added -- -- to thank the people there actually targeting. 88 year old -- Johnson finds this new Google initiative -- unusual yes it is very unusual. And I think it's wonder Google is named doctor Arthur Levinson to be calico CEO he is chairman of the board of Genentech and apple. -- is also an investor in calico. Google declined an interview -- won't answer how much you'll investor how many people will be hired. However experts hope calico will delve into the social and ethical issues and extending life such as seniors running out of money and providing. More years of assisted living it's unclear. Whether Google will use its resources. On its way to extending life to actually building better quality of life. And if that becomes one of their -- -- and I think it's cool better than Google and Genentech to bring their resources to work on that. Professor -- want is director of San Jose seized setter for healthy aging and multi cultural populations. She -- concern over privacy as a school minds data about seniors and their health. In the meantime -- Johnson hopes her daily exercise leads to a long life. I knew -- for seven minutes. So you must be pretty healthy. Well I have been yes. I -- state and Iowa and stay that way and it certainly do but in San Jose David -- ABC seven years.

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{"id":20304772,"title":"Google Searches for the Key to a Longer Life","duration":"1:50","description":"Google has invested in Calico, a company that seeks to reverse the aging process.","url":"/Health/video/google-searches-key-longer-life-20304772","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}