Heart Recipient Honors 21-Year-Old Donor

Susan Vieira, 64, made a promise to fulfill Kristina Chesterman's bucket list.
3:45 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Heart Recipient Honors 21-Year-Old Donor
We want to young. Life -- someone else stupid mistake. We're going to be -- the last -- your lives. And -- definitely change that now. She was everybody's Angel hair. On September 22 2013. The city trees became a city a chance. Houston's. Nurses Chico state nursing student Christina Chester riding her bike home after a long day of study. Hit by an alleged drunk driver. Left lying helpless. On the word out. We've got -- -- they -- and they. Livermore and as the call it no parent wants to get through vigils and prayers there was a sliver of hope she'd be okay. But two days later on September 24. Fears of the worst were realized doctors declared Christina Chester -- brain dead. In life her goal was to help others in death. It was no different. Testament wasn't organ -- to -- including this one received in parts of her liver and a family friend got a kidney. And then I got home on September -- they have. Just 250. Miles to the south 64 year old Susan -- with a congestive heart failure. She'd been on the transplant list since July. I've never dreamed in my life that would be. Need me my heart. That phone call just three days after cristina's death was from doctors at Stanford University. Had a heart it was a match. -- are left to ask then this happened to me. Later that night. With hearts in Chico still broken -- -- would feed again Susan -- got a second chance at life it's kind of. Overwhelming that part of -- As soon as she was well she sent out on a journey to find Christine this family. She found them on FaceBook and got in touch with the -- his mother Sandra. The heart is through your. Now. You know I just think. I just wanted. To feel Christina again to hear -- as part. -- -- -- The year and Chester men met for the first time on Sunday I felt an instant connections. I felt. That I've -- -- a long time. I felt comfortable right away even on the phone talking to -- I felt a connection -- you know. I think it will be. Vieira has made a promise to the testament family. As long as she's physically -- she will fulfill the goals and dreams Christina could it. She wanted to fly. The plane claimed she wanted to. Travel extensively -- found wanted to ride camels it's taken me so long to recover and then. They don't have the full impact of -- via snow cristina's sweetie there. To advise me and thanks to Christina Chester it's a gift of life there is no rush. I think Christine has -- this meant to Protestants and I'm hoping that this this helps you can't -- grief. And only. Hoping that when you.

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{"id":23282228,"title":"Heart Recipient Honors 21-Year-Old Donor","duration":"3:45","description":"Susan Vieira, 64, made a promise to fulfill Kristina Chesterman's bucket list. ","url":"/Health/video/heart-recipient-honors-21-year-old-donor-23282228","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}