Hospital ER Removes the Ouch Factor

UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, caters "ouchless" experience to children.
3:00 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Hospital ER Removes the Ouch Factor
On this visit to the emergency room five year old Julian. I can't talk can't -- an -- -- we'll -- fast. -- -- friends now with a few weeks ago the staff were all strangers he kept his head on a coffee table corner and his mom brought them in. There's always a little bit of apprehension what's gonna happen to me what you know what are they gonna do to me. Fortunately for Julian the step that -- -- medical center Santa Monica are working on creating an Alex Lewis ER experience for kids. It's scary how when they're hurt her -- to -- trying to change the environment and -- way -- practice medicine so that we can make it as comfortable and friendly experience as possible for them. The first step establish your report with young patients child life specialist -- -- greets them and explains what's going to happen in ways kids understand. -- -- these different -- that we have to medical plan allows them a little bit of control over the situation helps him understand. By the doctors things things and doing anything. ER physician doctor Lisa Debbi also implements -- this medicine into -- practice we're doing everything ran. Chinese -- instead of -- is trend of oral medication to mechanics at poking. How we avenue nasal Adam -- answered of -- to administer medication in the nose instead of -- and a Coke. When you do have to poke an ultrasound helps minimize them so please thanks to all pumped to get a good look at that they need to that we can get an idea of the very first. While avoiding -- Kerry nurses and understanding doctors make the ER more inviting for children. Experts say parents also play -- key -- Children are -- I think around their parents' salad their parent is com. And -- to hold them I think that's the best advice I can give it was such an -- this experience for -- and he says someday he might even be a doctor. -- out there.

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{"id":18378842,"title":"Hospital ER Removes the Ouch Factor","duration":"3:00","description":"UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, caters \"ouchless\" experience to children.","url":"/Health/video/hospital-er-removes-ouch-factor-18378842","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}