Health Benefits of Skating

Dr. Jennifer Ashton on how you can turn fun into fitness.
2:45 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Health Benefits of Skating
Hi I'm doctor Jennifer Ashton today looking at new ways to get fit and have a great time as well we are here at Chelsea Piers in New York City and -- with figure skating coach righty miles and you are gonna break it down for us Friday and tell us. Why this is the best exercise ever. Figure skating is really great because you get to -- into here into a leg muscles really worth your core muscles. And you don't even realize that you're doing it. So we're gonna bring -- -- -- yet it's just like happened it happened without realizing it and we can't let legs like yours. -- if you've been skating. I -- -- over twenty years as though it might take a while might happen and a few days. -- since they didn't think you're just starting figure skating our. -- just start by turning your ankles in a little bit so that you can start to get better pushes I immediately feel that in the but -- like. Yeah you -- you're also assuming your core -- really lift up while you're doing. And then sink into the possession of yeah that's part. -- accident yes. This is going to be up in our eye on inner -- so that we push against the ice. You're gonna get that nice strong feeling your thigh and you also have to really -- -- but. The next one that I would try would be -- So -- -- you also start with a knife down position -- -- night inflections those in -- -- calf muscles. This -- with your heels into the end only huffing and bring it back yet. So as. Your but I wanted -- hits underneath you and had solid -- An important area again oh and I mean even moving faster and -- you know really propelling forward. Doesn't want to do as you get more comfortable with is because you want more -- upper body workout you can keep your. Up and move. Things your body one consumer -- something accidents -- you. It lets him off of them go -- would you say the number one. Tip for -- beginner is not to lock their -- yes it seems like common sense as Newsday. But once you get on on the ice at its very nervous than the first thing people like that it is locked beneath. Angle -- so much fight against that -- stand up. Try to toughen him underneath you by Yankee -- -- -- -- last -- And then once -- standing up where you can sit down and get better position on the -- And -- about it and what's the safety position again they -- isn't. Already thank you so much for breaking down of being with us and you're clearly in amazing shape I hope that this is able to encourage you at home. Try something new lots of benefits to skating and it's a lot of fun and -- I'm Dr. Jennifer -- for anything.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton on how you can turn fun into fitness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"18711690","title":"Health Benefits of Skating","url":"/Health/video/ice-skating-health-benefits-fitness-fun-activities-18711690"}