Indiana MERS Patient in 'Good Condition'

Gov. Mike Pence comments on first person in the United States known to have MERS virus.
1:49 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Indiana MERS Patient in 'Good Condition'
For the first time. That our administration was alerted. To the possibility that the first US case of members virus that appeared. In Indiana -- deploy the full resources of the Indian State Department now. To diagnose is creating -- network that spread of the virus. We are personally. Relieved and thankful. The patient to contract this virus is -- And may well be going home soon. We will continue to keep patient. And all those who may have come in contact. In her -- Hoosiers will be -- enough. That the collaboration between local state and federal health officials in this matter in my judgment has been exceptional. And I believe it's played a key role. In the efficient and effective response and you hear -- report today. We are encouraged. There's at least we are encouraged by the results of testing -- Readers may be sure until we are confident that our citizens are beyond the -- of this virus. We will continue to exercise and about -- And we will remain vigilant. We will continue to monitor all those to have come into close contact. With his patient. And testing will -- But because the efforts the first performance. Of the leadership here. At Munster community. -- -- confident. That we are well along the way. Two. Containing and securing. This virus. From any further spread in our state. And on behalf of the people of Indiana I'm grateful. All those who practices what millions of sites and --

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{"id":23592482,"title":"Indiana MERS Patient in 'Good Condition'","duration":"1:49","description":"Gov. Mike Pence comments on first person in the United States known to have MERS virus.","url":"/Health/video/indiana-mers-patient-in-good-condition-23592482","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}