Can your job require a COVID-19 vaccine?

ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports on businesses weighing whether to require employees to get the vaccine when it’s widely available.
5:02 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Can your job require a COVID-19 vaccine?
With more Americans getting Kobe nineteen vaccine every day will still reach a point where more of us will be. Going back to the office or place of work on a regular basis so let's have some businesses thinking about whether they could actually require their employees to get the vaccine is part of coming back to work in order to keep their fellow employees as wells customers safe so could your job make you get the shot. It's easy and you Denver has the story. For the better part of a year as the pandemic crescendo to unthinkable heights. The nation's top health officials have long maintained it would take a vaccine to really turn the tide. When your turn comes out please. Get vaccinated. Both for your own safety. Or that of your family. And that for the American community in general. And as to vaccines have arrived to the public since December the CDC says more than forty million Americans have rolled up their sleeves to get shot. More vaccinated Americans may signal a return to the days of going back to the office in cubicles to assembly lines and kitchens and bars what if that return. Was dictated by the vaccine. Put another way can your boss for seeded taking. Arguably yes. Charles graver is a law professor at George Washington university in says while there are some exceptions your employer can likely mandate all employees get the shot. Employees who work from private employers employment will in the United States which means I'm and terminate you for good cause bad cause or no cause. And any time. And so if you don't cooperate with me and you don't have really isn't a sure you don't disabilities act as you and you don't come on his own state law. Thank you are not willing to die seeking court to. Newark where you're getting testing. As Kobe vaccines become more widely available it's a question many employers from large corporations to small businesses may soon have to face. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said recently that the company is looking into requiring employees to take the vaccine. While noting other industries would need to buy in to make a requirement. Work I think the right thing. And our question is are you baker vaccine. At. Well I hope is that there are a coalition. A like minded companies will be resentment. And I figure that does happen we'll just get all grow. So with more employees reimbursing themselves back into those close Dee Lee interactions with customers in co workers alike should employees face getting the vaccine. Over getting fired. Anybody who wants to not get vaccinated that's their body ultimately they're responsible for their own body. Jason Berry is the founder of need hospitality Washington DC and owns multiple restaurants. Instead of taking any punitive approach to employees getting shot he's rewarding those who do. As soon as the vaccines are available will be offering a variety of incentives for employers because we want to encourage them to do it even though we're not mandating it. That includes four hours of paying. As a bonus when their fully vaccinated. The extra incentive isn't without reason a Kaiser Family Foundation poll from January suggests about a third of the overall public. Is taking a wait and see approach to getting vaccinated that's higher among minorities with 43% of black adults and 37% of Hispanic saying they want to wait to take the vaccine. And roughly three of every 10 non health care central workers. Feel the same. She will mind is an essential worker at a Safeway grocery store near Seattle. Since the onset of the pandemic even with strong CoBiz safety recommendations and guidelines she knows how hard it is to still protect yourself and loved ones. Even with masks and social distancing it's why she doesn't think there's much need for a vaccine directive seems ready to roll up her sleeve now. I just need she'll say or it would make a yellow light. Not gonna bring home annaly it would make it ceiling and not. My neighbors my customers. It would just it would be copper need to get vaccinated and eight. I'm just waiting for. We blame Joseph for Sula Garrity supermarkets in Pennsylvania says the decision not to require his employees get the vaccine comes down to a matter of choice. We don't think that's necessary to thank our employees. You know can make an informed choice. End 500 most of them are are very eager to get it anyway. It's that sort of choice mark Barone of the united food and commercial workers union says. He's prepared to fight for if his union members are required to get the shot by their bosses. But a -- orders come to us and sailor organ mandated or organ but somebody ought to order a burger where he's in our membership the wall more companies and small businesses are opting for rewarding or encouraging there workforce to get vaccinated. If your boss does make it mandatory. You may be left without a choice. I am clerk does have a legal obligation to maintain his health and healthy work environment. And that includes protecting the individual employees themselves and her co workers and prepared and customers. Entergy embers ABC news Washington. Many people been asking that question our thanks to Andrew for that.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":" ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports on businesses weighing whether to require employees to get the vaccine when it’s widely available. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75985156","title":"Can your job require a COVID-19 vaccine?","url":"/Health/video/job-require-covid-19-vaccine-75985156"}