'Kind Hearted Woman': Trailer

PBS airs story of battered woman on a North Dakota Indian reservation.
1:00 | 03/27/13

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Transcript for 'Kind Hearted Woman': Trailer
Coming April 1 a special presentation from from flying an independent plants. From a award winning filmmaker of the farmer's wife and country -- I am of course from the spirit lake nation a story of one woman's -- Indian name is chanting and watch daily. That -- kind hearted woman trying to save herself. No matter how much pressure I'm under I am not connect cheering and profoundly I'm gonna keep this family together and intimate story she's just -- And then they knew that her dad was messing around with -- tomorrow. -- nothing like that an enormous human. -- -- -- -- -- -- From the critically acclaimed filmmaker David Sutherland. -- woman. From flying independent lends special presentation. -- -- --

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{"duration":"1:00","description":"PBS airs story of battered woman on a North Dakota Indian reservation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"18826445","title":"'Kind Hearted Woman': Trailer","url":"/Health/video/kind-hearted-woman-trailer-18826445"}