Latest updates on COVID-19: June 2, 2020

ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton with the latest on the coronavirus.
3:32 | 06/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latest updates on COVID-19: June 2, 2020
Some of the major developments we're tracking right now mostly peaceful protests. Escalating into violence after dark rocking this nation for a seven night since the death. A George Floyd who was in police custody in Minneapolis with now more than 5600. Arrests from coast to coast. All as a deadly pandemic continues. Death topping 105000. Now in the US amid more than six point two million confirmed corona virus cases worldwide. With me now to begin our coverage today ABC chief medical correspondent doctor Jan ashen. And doctor Jan we have been talking now for weeks about. The already vulnerable populations are brown and black people and now we see these protests sweeping our country. And you see people in close contact with one another some of them not wearing masks. There is a new study though out that shed some more light on how we can protect ourselves even in this current environment of protest exactly amien we've spoken before about how important is to individualize preventative measures. I'm so this study. Very very timely. Let's do a deep dive first on what we know about called in nineteen we know this isn't easily transmissible respiratory virus. According to the CDC 35 or even 40%. Of cases may show no symptoms they need be asymptomatic. And about 80% of cases overall produce mild disease that doesn't mean. CDs people don't feel sick it just means they don't require hospitalization. And a new study suggesting some more insights in how we can reduce the risk of becoming infected rate this study just came out in the lancet last night 6:30 PM eastern time. And really was a compilation the largest to date of all the existing evidence. It showed that face masks distance and eye protection gave the best chance at reducing the risk of infection we have to qualify chance. And that for every three feet apart between people they found that the risk of infection was basically have so that is significant. More distance is better they also found with respect to high of protection. 6% risk for people who covered their eyes either with a face shield with glasses or with goggles. Verses 16%. Risk of infection for those who didn't protect their eyes so I expect we'll hear more about that in the future and then. Multi layer masks or face coverings. Were thought to be more protective protective cast member we talked about protecting others but protective for the person wearing them as well as. Reducing the risk of spread. Then those single layer masks which are often those DIY home version and there's still so much to learn right now what do we still need to figure in rain and we have to qualify that lancet study this isn't the what is considered the best available evidence right now but that doesn't mean it's all such high quality Evans who we still need to figure out. What he infectious dose of cold in nineteen as we talk about that before that means how many particles you need to be exposed to to actually get sick. We don't know whether asymptomatic cases. Are less likely to spread the virus than symptomatic ones again we still have to really research that. And we ultimately need to learn how effective those face coverings are. At protecting. And reducing spread we need a number there we can't just say this make sense or why not and then lastly face masks I protection. Date stated in this lancet study this is low certainty evidence for house of the verdict is still out. They think it helps but we haven't heard the last of this yeah all right doctor Jan we'll be checking back in.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton with the latest on the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71022264","title":"Latest updates on COVID-19: June 2, 2020","url":"/Health/video/latest-updates-covid-19-june-2020-71022264"}