Learn to cook healthier with sugar alternatives

"Fitness power couple" Whitney Cole and Byron Paidoussi give tips on how to make great-tasting food without sugar.
19:27 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Learn to cook healthier with sugar alternatives
And they went on moment yet now we're here today with Whitney call Biron taking me thinking that so much for joining that they are personal trainers fitness expert in marina Delray. And back healthy living here is out and this summer officially the last day. I'm now but we're going to be talking stood there and have a great at the building into the awful late I think it'll way. I think. I guess we're going right there have to be famous moment. Isn't about he let's talk a little bit upset that you want to avoid profit should. That's meaningful to you regularly certainly. We try to quit but that shouldn't much as we can. Perhaps there and it it did happen but we were just talking about something evil type trouble. Certainly about a hundred years ago before we have all this process food at the bulk of our. And think about his cooking a home cooked meal every single meal breakfast went to dinner that have been happening more fun being here to go before had a lot of processed food. People are getting only about fifteen grams of sugar a day. From their efforts from their vegetables. Then ended ended ended ended up our bar has been raised for what we take this week so they started putting its only other things along with a lot of filler since that the we keeper hate. Moore fitted them with five more absolutely Smart manufactures could not healthy but. Mark from their perspective yet and now we're getting about a hundred in eleven. Saturday. Sugar lifting that increased its in the products we find this yet. There yet but Burton's Alice doesn't really taste sweets as much as they should I mean they are meeting a huge amount of him but wow look at that sweep the average salad dressings but. But heat when he and the Fed minutes which is to table pretty certain. Though it's important to look at here ingredient than he but put in your thing it's just Cynthia McKinney a year in taking. And now looking wanted to avoid processed sugar which he both dale so let's don't have been different alternatives that would keep it. Well my number one of them is going to be the and you actually can't get it again and organic pure form. So often you know where you from the other ones and I really wanna try that Mumford Esther but I can't find it in care reform it's always drew mixed with. Not pedestrian or something else to make it measures people for simple. Com here's another women to steal this from a neighbor not that this actually fit in my house but this is trivia similar to appear via again they're going with the whole name. Yes it's with the sound like Steve via though they're trying to get on that bandwagon however. The college the first ingredient. It's not eating breeding and still been in different alternative look at your ingredients look at your label like where it has value nutrition facts and stuff. The two of them to be used in combination. In order to fully get the full picture but consider continue to look at the nutrition label you know looking and very if not. Calories fat sugar things like that but it it doesn't give you the full. Respect. Fortunate speed it doesn't work in a lot of cooking processes doesn't do that low heat so what Whitney exit development using sites as a sweetener. And I think she's gonna tell you have to use a fifty. But getting that. So wet and making that it. This thank you chocolate pumpkin square so. Anything we can have around the house and it's a lot less sugary a lot less impact on our round when her lecture and now. That can help us with a little bit Creighton that acknowledgment that this week. I'm satisfied. And we go wrong with her at. So in that of whites sugar we're going to be using. A combination of Stevie in state. I'm a big fan these commitments devious I can't. Reports are hitting that bitter we want people that Wikipedia it's yet he. And short if you we're trying to meet up with coffee and put in a teaspoon Stevie which. This being about date it varies depending on what's that you're looking at if 500 or is it a hundred times more strong and ship. More sweet than sugar. All of your sugar alcohol and the better always could be stronger so if you look at for the T think about it holy. And again. Here is situated that way. He kind eighty been. And we can use that to measure like what would be something you and this is we like these without anything to get pop. Is that the my husband is talking about. And did 402. What we had a this take care and we've made such but he just taking some. But the dice. None of them landa with a hot what do where what are softened. I. What that Iraq community to sweeten the majority of the mountains. Are there recommend that you he's business from populated forget that moment on a field here and the great thing about this if this isn't it odd statement no more book that. Who but I don't know until there's gonna be unanimous leader. I think are there much bigger imitator and. Columbus fiber whereas if I defeat. There's more fiber it actually decreases the option that's going to be in your food. Plus it's gotta love it would be if things that you fifteen something like deviant which is some movement concentrated. And you know it's simple for people you're going to have to really adjust your recipe. To work with it you know there's that much less believe it for this season's media this helps us to work with that. Fault that balance fiber health and I like that notified that if acutely yes that is really what he's great for brown he's great bars. While it yet but give it. I'm. Person on on fifteen thing necessarily if it didn't bark at me but I do recommended what we're. Free flour. Or what we're working with. Britain potter with Morgan. They needed spicy chocolate something. I put it about two thirds cup of flour and near. You have the gluten free falling it is Winfrey I am borderline silly act I go that route. It's not the best thing for everybody but. We'll hope that effective purple mothers can't and that. Act and then I'm gonna put in about a half cup here. Breaking pattern that what happened before warrior Keene. And I we'll find that the combination of the different things got he potent cranberry approaching. Hence see protein if you think that combination is a little bit better it's less aggressively sweet as well as some of the other people that they. We can patent on that without him here to. Again we'll hear. And wait for it he definitely stand up to thinking as well it's hot and it's getting it's gonna work some time that can get robbery and that's where we went they would wait. This that there. Oppenheim big into the disease affects injured written fat. They're trying to not have too much wet stuff in here I'm trying to. Almost DP did not flower and he used animal and decreasing the amount of sugar than any. But he needs some body when I put more spices and things much like spicy or that the people or something. Savory they've treated lots of earth left displacement step. Com need less sugar I need less salt. Knowing the different balance that if you like you got that played around a lot to get about the perfect recipe it. We do it. Taking what our clients craving what they want to eat. And finding ways to make it helped it take sugar out of that it's been like take back out for that this event like this so that they can still feel. They're enjoying their food. By the same time. It's not going to be attacked them. So I'm going in with tables and a half future. Again I'd I think I think. The Achilles injury but again we're trying to avoid a little bit of extra. Witness. It would happen if we just but you know teaching them this about this and not make me about it he stated that. I'm going to use a little bit of clothes folly about a quarter after you've known that. Management. You know all of it and it leveling a little chart that you heat for our educated. Yeah yeah. Works. With the planet beach about certain that he in my cabinet devious they're cute is easy. Any additional effects that obviously cinnamon got to go in there but look at how dark brown that is I don't want that beautiful pumpkin color. To get taken over ground so we want to maintain that Lott until they add more like a tablespoon of some large large amount. You are pumpkin pie spice we're gonna play that the last thing and that in here and this is one of those things that. Not create easy spice Leverett yet I worked my butt. Is kind. NN movement really gonna put that in there I've about that yeah yeah okay. Again the more. Kick you have a stars like he and 85% dark top and on top of it. Then you won't ship here because your body that she compares it to the spicy or the bitter and for the month. So I put in about a court he's been there. I like it Lacey hair and he had the right to Chad me. I think. Ahead and fifth this. Again even normally fifteenth. And mature making it take you to one of hearing us but again we're working with gluten free flour and with protein powder. This kind of almost makes it a little bit more areas like. Avoiding that vent sometimes a lot of people complained. Do you think nineteen how to act and ended up gloomy or robbery or it had separated and I had a nice player on the top and then the bottom what's really that can be. This is what I would recommend making it very fine exactly. And again when anything's doesn't have to be inherited from your grandmother that septa. I'd found a plant dollars to permanently. The dollar. And look that good job. That there and we are put aside our Brian we actually. Every my blender on my mixer here. We certainly something like that this is pretty simple and straightforward. However. I don't totally recommended. You see this work when I anything they'll be in college with about this much counter space and new equipment I think in making these human blender. Or and I'll be civil do this but I did. Yes and I like I like that. Picking up the paint the equipment now that they can certainly use the blender and it certainly is not a big profits. Eight Philip lender would work to put at town would. Cookies and bars she read stuff brownie you're fine with this evening standard. Standard and blender blend them. And happy look on our blog we ought to have a great recipe for ground. Faith movement upward baby one of the few were right on that. Point where fall at about but never got DSL this time but. And a lot okay but did not heart and I'm giving up looking a lot. On your thoughts he technique that many about the need but altering its profit shattered self pity every. Near one of them yeah literally our clients want. They wouldn't this week they want to stay on their diet and that. And a lot of it experimentation that is. The cool the hearing that had been fitness experts for any number of years now. It's simple to the I did not as we consider anywhere in the house that except the bathroom these initiatives. The 00 yeah. Big bags under my cap and and fired on every time there's been torn by. Both men and women who you can now about senator that you think you. When rock that. And it doesn't mean you're in my fault. I took the idea for some. The cousins said. Then he would definitely make ended up I love it. What happened here was that can of organic pumpkin you could certainly make your own press something to do it in the Evan get one these pie pumpkin sugar pie pumpkins. But here at just the fifteen ounce can we're getting something from. It and some of our day period we have time I'll show you how I mean that. A recipe again on our blog. About a couple happen because he easily read he used in the fridge says it. When you're ready to cook begin quickly wouldn't have to take all day. That's what's. Anyway so that it can get one in there and that often. Oil and yet we think Clinton this. Ultimately. I am going to put in about a quarter cup this is gone but not oil. Yeah its global warming here then 75 thing is nothing. Again something as. It's not a temperamental recipe you. Still a big battle. Yet. The Sun Bowl. And in the fifth now okay. It's better than I thought it would be. And like bad. And it probably should've put this in with our hot dry ingredients. Different but they go ahead but it is now back completely forgot to put in Expedia. Our star here. That you and the next half but he did go up to fifty well. That going in. And I don't have to be weird about town and then he really easy recipes. But not to decide. And a minute. We got wonderful editing them and put to segue. From. Again can we get an expensive organic unit. Available it added it's at a reasonable price but only have cost across the street. When they're going to matter I don't need another fifteen TV that we need to hear it particular look at. Whom think they don't eat organic ingredients. I had my mind away. We actually get a majority of things that. What is the price on their eggs in it 24 peachtree. Brown organic eggs. That in. And keeping your eyes open my every avenue in looking at the ingredients reading the label thing informed nearly what works for your body as well. The great thing. Cost go to your biggest retailer of groceries and a number of other than it actually listening to what people want people want to eat healthier. And they show it and they should have acted it good clean healthy fit. That it. A little limited on time. Oakland at. Thank you got thought I had actually been hidden aid and Beattie we get that they look like. What the finished product but but that he. I would normally think about half of but since we're short on time. Hold on okay that's accompanied her to originally nick that infection. As having I think flies up one and then the man. So high I really. It definitely comes here. Is. And it looked me straight LA. He won't. I think I have a peek at what they're gonna look play. Yeah and gas that you just gonna mix this around and feel pretty early next. And I think that's about and have it that we meaning something color. Yeah and we want it to me integrity of the color. They Warren's company Perry whom you if you well. So that's what we're going for Wachovia pop in. They often pay a line that train together and what temperature and they fit in the baker out you can afford fascinating point. At 350 bad that today 99 parade eight by eight. By the gone new land through its I felt that any on the longer and that things whereas I usually use a night by not. You know it with his equipment here. Those who played a great thing about and that parchment paper needed I didn't have to use marvel. One. Now and I can just profit and is well. And again we weren't concerned about the in fact we often don't get little rubbery rough edges but it them so often I mean he would be something any points. From the side and I'm Christy you robbery. Now dead and at that. It won't have that need and can now. We'll look at me now. Environments fantastic. And it made what the whole. You know here I totally get the idea I think that you're hanging in a good thing. What we're left with not. That other. Though a bit of what on top tier I just melted down a couple of squares of really dark chocolate it. NN 85% dark chocolate. Give yourself a little cases and it's it's a good test on on the phone if this if you haven't abided. If this doesn't taste like chocolate it doesn't taste sweet enough. That's a really good indicated that you were caught taking way too much we more than me. Go lowered. And Bob the tough thing about anywhere and you how good tech expert ballot that thing at a given enough time to go into that what. That bite people could make me feel healthy alternative cooking heat dessert yeah great head effort out. With hundreds of what we like to do is obviously that classic ratio is three parts wealth one pot assets we actually flipped that going. One bottle to three pots that sit and that we memo that out by using some kind Sweetney either again that they can array or Expedia and some fresh to kind of get that Bennett out and then to blend it with one of those handling the stick Glenda so they must vacation price actually makes it feel more weighty than it actually has. I like bat. There hasn't been so great that I think he's so much for sharing your kids in the grip on alternative ideas to profits checkered life of being heated at EB news. And thinking I think he ever run for watching her healthy living unity good eaten me up compromise will have an article on it. And yeah.

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