Maryland Woman Dies After Basement Butt Injection

Authorities say the woman performing the procedure fled the scene after Kelly Mayhew had difficulty breathing.
1:47 | 06/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maryland Woman Dies After Basement Butt Injection
Cosmetic procedure cost a young woman her life inside this Far Rockaway home when the person she went under the knife with panicked and ran away. Now police need your help tracking down this woman last seen driving a gray BMW SUV. Investigators say 34 year old Kellie Mayhew traveled nearly 250. Miles from Maryland to this Far Rockaway home Saturday to get silicone injections for aid but lift. But something went terribly wrong. In the middle of the procedure being performed in the basement sources say may have suddenly stopped breathing and made a gurgling sound before going into cardiac arrest. Her mother who attacked along began CPR and screamed for help. But the woman performing the injections panicked and ran off instead. I just heard what happened to present that from some injection Mayhew was later pronounced dead at saint John's hospital. Autopsy results are still pending and detectives are now testing materials recovered from the home. Including needles which are believed to contain silicone. Sources say there's been a steady stream of women coming in and out of the basement for the past six months with a ten and is believed to be a nurse's aid. In the meantime stunned neighbors say they had no idea such procedures were being done right next door. Yes of course there's a prize because there's no that's over there it is known nurse that banality it is known. In one of ideally an animated film background over there Judith Johnson says our heart goes out the victim's family and she hopes others will be more cautious when choosing to have cosmetic surgeries find the right place to get it done there's no professional wouldn't even if gala the professional nobody used illegal in till the sentinel we are if anything happened something like this. Billiton life over sources say the woman police are now looking for is safe friends of the basement tension and detectives are now looking into her medical backgrounds. And Far Rockaway Downey.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Authorities say the woman performing the procedure fled the scene after Kelly Mayhew had difficulty breathing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"31494207","title":"Maryland Woman Dies After Basement Butt Injection","url":"/Health/video/maryland-woman-dies-after-basement-butt-injection-31494207"}