When and where you should mask up, even if you’re vaccinated

Epidemiologist Dr. Todd Ellerin breaks down the new guidelines as more states drop mask mandates.
7:41 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for When and where you should mask up, even if you’re vaccinated
And there are encouraging signs that the nation is turning a corner in this pandemic cases are down in all fifty states for the first time since the pandemic started. New York is one of the many states that are dropping their mask mandates for vaccinated people. On the CC's guidance change but Americans are scrambling to keep up with these updated rules joining us. Now for more on this is ABC news medical contributor and infectious disease specialist at South Shore how. Doctor Todd Aaron so good to see you. Good to see you. So I will start with this new guidance because is causing a lot of confusion for people what. Are your thoughts on how Americans should navigate where and when it. They should Wear a mask. Right even you know Sarin nightlife just did a parity on us and it really is confusing why isn't confusing because first volume of CDC guidance but you have state guidance to local businesses and that is. As individuals how do we feel and they are not necessarily all the same. I think some of the key. The key points that I want to make is not one. Keep on asking your pocket if it's not on your face. I think that's very important consultant what you may feel comfortable but he'll get into an elevator with someone who's unmasked in the he'll get uncomfortable and you want to put your mask on you should be able to do to. The second thing. No mask shame and they're just can't be allowed we have to allow people remember. As you know that your. Your wardrobe is very important to you been living with the mascara survived for the past fourteen months resolved so it's become part of our life just because we hear may be vaccinated. We still may want the extra layer of safety and a half studio lot our. The third thing I want to see is really unvaccinated. People who go indoors. And I think especially priority areas that's the biggest risk to them. If they don't if they take their mask off and there are unvaccinated indoors what really do agree that at this point. You know you're unvaccinated eating your indoors especially crowded area you want to keep that mascot. The last point wanna make even is dealing you don't compromise people people weakened immune systems do you really need to think twice before taking their mascot indoors Y and in this is due to get there are vaccinated because they need to respond as well for the Mexican. And some good advice and good reminder to all of us that patients with each had there as these rules are changing. I'm curious is this guidance change the way they you yourself are approaching wearing a mask. Right so good question remember I spent well you don't most of my day in a hospital. So the answer is no I have. I'm asked you don't throw the day there and then I live in Massachusetts in the Massachusetts. State mask guidance hasn't changed he. But it is going to be changing towards the end of the month so I do believe that I'll be wearing a mask because I don't fully vaccinated. I will be wearing a mask less often but again I'm going to be keeping them NASCAR and ideas are going to be keeping them asking my pocket. Yeah and it's a good thing to have in your pocket is never know how you gonna feel right. So let me ask you about this. This breaks these breakthrough cases because we're starting to see that vaccines are supposed to deep crease transmission but right now we're seeing an outbreak. With the New York Yankees at least nine believe accident members of the team a mix of coaches staff. Members and one player tested positive after receiving that J&J shot there infections are mild or asymptomatic but it does raise the question. Are these outbreaks still going to have to it. Yes and in the the most important part of the story is dead. Most of these the Yankees were asymptomatic. Or mild infection remember we talked about some owners have said before it even if we don't reached. Herd immunity ultimately even if we can't eradicate this virus hopefully we can turn into an oral flu or even a common cold. A better yet and that's very possibly I think that's what we're seeing. You know what I want to remind Jews and the fee is three Johnson & Johnson clinical trial. There the rate of asymptomatic. Infections a reduction in the vaccine group was about 66%. Herself so which is very good news but it's not perfect so people were still getting infected even in the vaccine group that's true all the vaccines. Are there are differences over time in the real world we'll have to see but I think that's forcing but it the most important thing is. Didn't win your vaccinated you tend to double or amount of virus so you're less likely to transmit. Also given this new CDC Gensler saves as you mentioned are dropping their mast mandated so for parents. What should they do wish there unvaccinated. Children should parents with unvaccinated kids be concerned that they're children are more at risk have heard a lot of parents. Discussing this recently. Right I think. I just got 41 question wishes by not gonna tell parents how they should feel. As parents we're gonna feel differently depending on our level of risk tolerance perhaps whether our child is. As over the weakened immune system or other cold morbidity is so I think again what's important is to make sure that when you send your child out of their older not that good they're not wearing a mask on their face they should have a mask in their pocket. And then also know you don't sort of what the local guidance is around there in sports or you know what the state rules are the school rules and this is all going to be changing evolving over time but I think as a as long as we get as many kids vaccinated as possible remember that's the real shield their protective shield so what I would say your parents is please try to get your kids to actually get their age eligible at least age twelve. Right now and and and keep an asking her pocket. Vaccine kids gives a lot of parents anxiety only 37% of countries fully backs and I sewed into a lot of people who say. They just wanna give them a little bit more time they want to wait and see what this long term safety data is has before they as adults even get it. What do you say to those people who are still at this point feeling pretty hesitant. The first thing I tenants would say is it's OK to be vaccine hesitant. That makes sense to me I get it we're still early on the vaccines have been oh you know we didn't in the real world for you know well under a year. But so far they look very powerful. Very safe and what I would say to them is keep. Asking people in your life that you trust like your child's pediatrician or your internists or family practitioner perhaps your. Obstetrician gynecologist. You know keep asking don't give up on it and you don't eat it and the other thing is that I what I don't want to see is ultimately what the headlines are going to show. The vaccinated. Groups are going to be less likely to get infected in the hospitals. And the unvaccinated. People who acquire Colbert are going to be more likely to get hospitalized again. We're seeing cases going down right now things are going you don't it in a great direction. But I think we expect to see more virus again in the fall in the winter I just don't want to CD unvaccinated individuals. Just be kind of you know didn't lacking got a protective shield that lands them in the hospital or Aurora loved ones that that we could have protected but didn't so. I just want people don't you love on this vaccine keep asking questions. And a few are has a saying you still have time you can get the vaccine at some point on the red when you feel comfortable doctor Todd Eller and we always appreciate it thanks for joining us. Carry them.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Epidemiologist Dr. Todd Ellerin breaks down the new guidelines as more states drop mask mandates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77757589","title":"When and where you should mask up, even if you’re vaccinated","url":"/Health/video/mask-youre-vaccinated-77757589"}