'Motivated' podcast: Top health and wellness trends of 2017

Well+Good co-founders Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue take us through the top trends of the year.
21:48 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Top health and wellness trends of 2017
At this afternoon we're here at the fabulous ladies well and good and that of course is the premier media company that covers. Did wellness and all things help him as he hasn't devoted to patent a fantastic job covering it. I have with me Alexia brew one of the co founders and also my lifts the lease for the that's a name with French. It's. Yes that. Examining from some of they are so let's our talk about trends rate trends 2017 so different now and on the street. You know it seems like there's always something new and fresh and exciting Cahill on the raised yesterday and spinning and so this is about what is. Right now. Start with inflammation is something you guys have covered together really comprehensive list of the current. Help them honest Trans1 of those is inflammation. I hear a lot about information air foods that fight inflammation an anti inflammatory all that's up about what is inflammation and why. Is it bad for out of the defector. Physicians and researchers are finding out how many of us are affected by it so that's why we're hearing so much about it. What it is is basically an immune system response when something. It's triggered if your food your environment or falling you scrape any or your child it is and he seat inflammation happening. Physicians and researchers are more interest in right now with the wellness community is more interest rate now. Is in the connection between food an inflammation so what are we evening. That we don't know all our bodies are processing. It's triggering a response and you know it's it's leading us into places that. We might not know coming from our plates so brain fog is. Got health issues in digestion issues. And so food plays a big role in inflammation because it's trigger but also to go back your point it's one of things that. Helps. Com information with anti inflammatory through food can both trigger inflation and it can also helped calm down absolutely Atlantis with the trigger. The radio an estate ads are what are some of the things trigger a race class and why again today and Alan process it's rates now. Increasingly doctors recommending to my rank as the most anti inflammatory foods tumors seen. Actually in the least and I just got back from expo west which is. A massive natural foods an Anaheim every year's 3000 brands that showed their latest greatest products that they're reducing. So many things had to American. About two America I do hear a lot about to break that this is bites. And what what do you want to hear it with what is it Goodwin parity just in modern Eastern Bank in what are you getting. Well senior nodding in early have to think about Katrina locked immigrants Easter it's just jump out of it like protein notably in every aerial tumor. In Curry's for example and you know partly you know and legal act might be something sir that now mean you. Added to wellness average. These chips just came now tumor. For so. It's actually making its way into things that everybody is reaching for anyway. Course you can also take a supplement and and there are a lot of people who are at least that's a great idea. Experts themselves and ticket times though. I think it's relieve the darling anti inflammatory right now how do you know if your body's suffering from some kind of information what are the signs. Before you determine what's causing it what this time they use your diet may need to be revised it. Americans have Catholic health issues certainly see the readers a violent. Loading that they can't quite explain what they eat pretty clean again it's turning it. For some people you know it's the wheat and gluten interaction or be dairy sugar at Acxiom mention. I feel like digestive issues can be a big one and and I think that that he (%expletive) answer lack of memory before that time in life where we feel like. This is an attempt at 3040. It's. They say that inflammation. In the brain is where he actually might even feel it first before. It's an out recovery. So you a lot of people. That does it vary intense. I'm intense work out and meet and ethnic makes YouTube that you see great results. But now you're saying that we're seeing a focus on recovery what does that mean. Like he said people have pumped up their workouts so much. Everything from races. And last year twenty million people. Participated in some kind of race whether it was a marathon and hire half marathons huge increase and then. You know crossed it is obviously a phenomenon and those those workouts are punishing. And all of you know the studios that we love in new York and so I think as people are. Our training so much harder they're really feeling that need to balance with recovery. So we're seeing snow anymore recovery techniques. And recovery experts. So what M and tail is it as simple as just staying home from work that day and kind of resting or is there a spectrum Recovery Act. This spectrum definitely think Wyatt the every day athletes. You know maybe you're trying to work out a lot. I'm still have to learn is like what did you know professional athletes have always on the importance of her rest day the importance of full Merle importance of like stretching out with a trainer. We do work together and IKEA last five minutes classes. And Dino five minutes dedicated to stretch every Catholic back in shower afterward that he nobody wants to be in line for the shower I mean English scholars and analysts are yeah. Yes I I think day and I think that yet. As well as full Merle laying. And Mike. Doing slow paced yoga. We can go to type a yoga Ari could go back to beginners or story idea that and like give your body when it needs to kind of balance. All Americans are great for your metabolism. Until it starts triggering a cortisol levels to south pierce getting. In to a stress stayed in never calming your body back down if you're that kind of tape a work out a hall electric I think there recovery trend is definitely for you. I think what people struggle with it misses something that I struggle with I feel kinda lazy. Those days where it's a rest day in my mind knows that I needed but then I feel like a could be putting the time to better use I mean do we have to give ourselves permission to recovered or to remind ourselves that this is part of good. Health and I think that some really wonderful point and that's looking spot treatment or something Marie just like it's an appointment I have to be here I have to have my phone not. Actually roughly a sneaky and sympathetic outside of popular trainers like Rebecca Kennedy as a celebrity trainer who teaches classes at Barry's boot camp and as a model and very well known in. She created a recovery class. And more and more people are doing not answered breezing the profile of and these recovery experiences. Because like you said sometimes it's hard for people who are used to being active everyday say OK and not gonna do anything today so now there's this whole crop of recovery experiences. In LA there is a new chain called the stretch lab. And you can go and book a stretching session thank everyone loves to be stretched out it's like Baldwin office onto path there and he has a thriving business stretching people arraignment. Smart and I love nothing more than a minister at the instructor comes in pushes deeper into it. I think like please come and live with me into this everyday. OK so I don't run out to the next one woo woo wellness island well this is mainstream right that this is about him crystals and that's that. So I would it's interesting because I am eight from a journalism and natural when skeptic and cynic. And I'm just not kind of a granola. I think it's a very powerful thing. And started to be little more open about the idea of energy in objects like crystals and the like the taught me about the significant if it's getting through enemies at and you and anti 88. I I. It's getting to me I feel like there's hope for for Atlanta tell me about it. Well I mean. We're like you know ward where journalists you and we you know we were really surprised at the things that. You used to be allied with like hippie lifestyle are really Brahimi in lower you know with a live. Have really moved into the means stream think that for in the stressed out culture and people are reaching over a lot more things are a lot more open minded because of necessity. And the cool factor it used to be a little bit more crunching and now it's like. Designer crafts look we'll I. But it Zoellick a lot more like Sheikh nest to it now and a lot more fun and that people there are having with it. And I think. Now I feel like you know we went from something that ballots. For NG it has something that's just you know another life style way of keep. Focusing on something other then racing thoughts and our mind. So the idea behind the crystals needed to explain why do people want these things around. Well I mean you think there's. Inspector Mary T sealed to some people who believe that there is an alignment. With each different type of Chris Ehrlich when mr. announcing plans for energy one is for sleep once for clearing. Rose quartz is generally popular and accidentally the most democratic. Does every. They feel good looks pretty it's just the paper ray had a crystal. You know points of but if you went to healer they might. He picks certain ones that are. Aligned with what you need them. Two but he. So that could be something for some. Of them in Scotland and mine and works really hard. And where people getting these crystals I thought you guys like a takeover and its takeover the woman who with crystals shop. It was surrounded by and I was like where a magical place it and there anymore and our town is definitely I mean maybe I'll come from Saddam originally I think NFL and then there anybody in my mind do you go to like a crystal retailer do you Google like crystal store in your name on Astro last on the bruins' side on 79 street he would agree it's election. Or you can order them online. There so many places there more and more people carrying crystals. And actually them. Every year we sent a Christmas gifts to the people that we work way and last year we sent something called little box of rocks and aunt lives and cute little box with different crystals and it for an auspicious your head and people loved it it was meaning the most popular gift begun in seven years. It seemed to combat related. If we don't have to explain why it makes you if it makes you a good that's enough and looking at on the purple ones that is like sparkly onions. Almost am Anthony probably the and I look at those things that you really be yes and I great diet pills and happy. So now this isn't just one candidate gets seriously commercial. So is it written retail brands now one year campus do you pot infused foods beef products and other consumer goods. That bottle the plants much buzzed about. So how does this pair with healthy fit lives. Or. Early. You're gonna have a Canada's columnist. Great that's not business card and sharing has the card actually it's amazing and I think it's just a huge industry that's coming up Meehan everybody's heard about differently. In medical acceptance legalization various states of them are not talking just about your high not enough and using the plant the plant itself in other ways completely and that's the big shift and so I mean. Health Somalis community tends to use the candidates and not leader pot because they're trying to distance it from this connotation they're gonna have a hard time with that. But they're not using like the pot symbol. Units represented they're trying to through re introduce it like a lavender a molester is near here this plan has tremendous healing benefits that we actually quite a bit of ballots. And if their ways that we can tap it tip field that her. Last ancients or heal faster than we should avail ourselves out of the snacks and I love and I'm exemplified today right. Work leisure. At leisure is taking on the workplace and I'm just like him because that Obama was podcast says he appropriate but how are we going to see the leisure creeping into the workplace. I think there's a couple different ways so. As Americans have gotten warmer comfortable dressing casually for work. You know a lot of ways wearing leisure and work places. Part of what's been happening over the last twenty years of casual Friday and just continuing to it to become more casual and comfortable. And so we see it work places being morrow and you know people wearing maternity Wear what they are rolling in from work now regular class. Before work or are going to one afterwards. And and we all know that even if you're not amount to swearing in likely means you can do with anything anytime parent with a pleaser and sweater. It's not even aware outlook. So. Part of the fashion industry is growing so much faster and passion in general it is pretty flat. The demo we're seeing is that these products technical fabrics that'd been inundated for sweating in. Are now being pulled back into fashion and are being used for these pieces. That really are work pieces you wouldn't work down in them but they look very fit Nancy. Like it could be like bullies are that's in the technical experts so obviously union aren't gonna work out a pleaser but that pleaser has all the tributes. Of a work out peace and we're calling Matt work leisure witches the term that. Our team came up with that's sort of the evolution of leisure tickets fashion can be so painfully. Comfortable it's really nice to see a -- the exact opposite of that. It also seeing actually there are quote unquote workout clothes that are so nice and so expensive that I would not work out and I would just Wear them to go out. Or possibly to work. Is there are I mean I think guidelines to how far you can issue I mean things should or should not do at work when it comes to him wearing your leisure Wear. Means that you think she. Alan guided hike in sneakers. And it will come forward in an engine. To turn anomaly. You know a person they're seeing clients that there. Just uses their judgment in terms of costs. On Friday morning's we have yoga class that start Saturday as a unified is definitely most dollar. In leisure and every now and music in America to work in the studio Hampton means pretty rare. But it's it's not work out with your co worker and introduce that into the Court of Appeals it's. Sweetest story I. Okay. Plant protein so. I actually do protein shake speakers dairy and egg problem. Unknowingly was still consuming dairy protein which is dairy based. I realize that switch to plan based proteins that talk about ski can you get good protein from from sources. Absolutely. And that's when it that things that can continue to happen. Another example of a growing health and wellness industry. That's probably going to be outpacing. Routine. Really quickly those being tough goods and and powder now are filled with things like keep her teens and and secret teen. And other brands and it definitely offering scene you know grams per scoop. Adds that the thirteen and that's without the digestive issues that might cost for people that little cleaner. From. And I can still hear Vanilla flavor chocolate flee there and they they they're yummy. And those letters to are being used again in a lot of nine. Foods for UN expect that the hit into industries all over like putting it you know and ticket. They're putting protein entertainment lea. Well what they think I mean honestly. I really hard to meet UK for ST but it yeah I appreciate. LD Krispy. Next generation wellness retreats to this fantastic because typically vacation you fall off the rails in nothing but crap and you drink too much and you lay around and you come back five pounds heavier. What is the next generation of vacation. I think it's it's hacking into exactly what you're talking about you know no one wants to come back from a vacation feeling depleted the patent and not a good thing. So what we're seeing is a lies of the fitness. And fitness stars who are inspiring people on a deity B says people are really lying to travel with those people so. Whenever a year ago to work out as did you know an act instructor that you love. The trend is really. Looking retreats to then go somewhere without person so that you're getting program that they've really created. And it's a move really from. Just showing up matters or written doing whatever program exists there to. Skewed doing something that's like much more customized with someone you are you work with so we're seeing a lot of if someone that we feature quite often smiling guy turning missed Karen Twomey. And she has a series of six retreats a year that she does call the rich treatment where. She takes her you know existing. You people who know and love her workouts and she goes to he's incredible destinations. And she brings other people as well so other experts and they really create a school 360 program she camel work with. Wherever that destination to create a meal plan that's in line width. What she wants her students to be eating is just very very thoughtful. Holistic kind of program. And its people are kind whining that. Back control instead of listening. I'm gonna go to this place and I'm gonna hope they immediately to turn it like a wreck and a great and and are we talking about cover a range of prices are to these tend to be more luxury vacations. There's really a whole spectrum Unser some of the Nass. More on the luxury side. But we really cover. Rich sheets like that's pretty much at every budget level and a it's Caetano yeah absolutely. We have a lot of them on my own good dot com if you look under llamas are cheats travel has been. A huge huge area of interest among their readers Unser doing more. More and more travel coverage on how to escape for four days or you know that once in a lifetime trip to India where ego and you know have a real air you've Natick retreat. The government at a so which of these trends do you think is gonna stick around anyway we do which ones have lasting partners the united you do see trends come and go but then there are those that really become ingrained in people's lives out. You get your crystal ball out no pun intended on the crystals important what do you see. Staying power. First I would reach Forrest probably the pro teens or its the non dairy protein source. You know there's a lot of move to change the name of the meat case at the grocery store to the pro teen case so how things that are not meet based. You know you're not jogs and you're beyond meat products for example could be rate in there along side. Your hamburger ground hamburger so I think that you know. When we see those kinds of things happening. Leads me to believe that this is going to be a speaker raven since it's just really. Catching the wave now I think think it's going to be around for a while. Convictions on your part. And I think the F leisure trends went just funny to say athletes are that we never thought the Soviet consumer facing term and very funny that it is and but I think this desire for people to dress comfortably is just gonna continue and so we expect industry. Continued out peace fashion. It's exciting I was hoping you it's. Yeah. Target of activity she can't breathe and you hardly work. Thank you ladies both so much for being near Wellington dec tactics like all things happen on this and go look at that your Indians. Thanks guys here thanks.

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