Mystery Illness Kills 2 in Alabama

Five people are still hospitalized for respiratory illness.
0:35 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Mystery Illness Kills 2 in Alabama
Mysterious that is respiratory illness leaving two people dead in southeastern Alabama health officials said totaled seven patients have been admitted to the hospital with fever cough. And shortness of breath in recent weeks the CDC and the Health Department now analyzing test results from the patients hoping to find some sort of clue. Always have. Several you know. Middle -- and -- always -- I Cathy and we'll talk about different that the budget bill that would have thought okay. And we have an elderly person the right now we can't get a general denominator. Will not be there live.

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{"id":19234211,"title":"Mystery Illness Kills 2 in Alabama","duration":"0:35","description":"Five people are still hospitalized for respiratory illness.","url":"/Health/video/mystery-illness-kills-in-alabama-19234211","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}