Oregon Teen Loses Legs to Mystery Illness

Tabitha Schulke is in critical condition with infection that has her doctors baffled.
1:39 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Teen Loses Legs to Mystery Illness
He -- on the outside -- -- -- more beautiful -- -- just eighteen years old -- -- Depends on whether doctors and nurses can help her pull through. Estimates creature Hanna he's in pain and she's squeezing -- on the Syrian pain just squeezing him really -- -- his aunt Katie Zimmerman says flu like symptoms on Thanksgiving morning. Led to gangrene on tap at his feet -- -- question -- snow blankets from block to gain green spread forcing surgeons to amputate her legs near each meet. When -- -- it came here she was. It very close down and she's come very far so that -- hope for the future. Exactly what caused the gangrene is still in question signs point to toxic shock but lab tests will help doctors determine the answer. -- -- -- testimony to what you can overcome click on the garlic -- and she's gonna be there are two. Tell everyone just look what I went through -- -- to -- Scott. Zimmerman says her niece can still realize her goal of becoming a missionary prevent secondary to her family's goal of simply getting tab -- the home just. Parents are fighting that's all matters will not Christmas and -- think just. -- -- this family is dealing with several challenges her brother has an inoperable brain tumor. For family lives more than an hour away in Monmouth they are getting donations and other help. From fellow members of the independence first Baptist Church in north Portland Patrick Preston -- news.

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{"id":17905774,"title":"Oregon Teen Loses Legs to Mystery Illness","duration":"1:39","description":"Tabitha Schulke is in critical condition with infection that has her doctors baffled.","url":"/Health/video/oregon-teen-loses-legs-mystery-illness-17905774","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}