Get Oscars ready with these simple workouts

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak shows you how you can get ready to hit the red carpet, with these easy home workouts.
22:40 | 02/22/17

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Everybody up regularly you know somebody you know. The refrigerator. On an all time. Callers seeking authority usually look it's a Little League. It less. And it's just Brockton where there. As Diane so. I don't you know obviously getting people ready you hear me my game your game. I just watching. And it's now the validity. Or there's a city permit or. Yeah job. So really the red carpet and as we knew where a lot of sleepless dresses in his shoulders the arm device that tries reality Chris owns. You're not going to lose body two or three days leading up. But really you consultant tightening and go to conference you aero. Lost Hillary's whopper regal it's over our focus on this today and I got. Operators and management for fifteen years in models are students aren't. Assassin in her own right. The pace. Bulletin and starts and yet make sure to do let us policy analysts are you doing. Allegedly from reality that right. Replace trees. Are. So it. For those watching it. Like it is. Our radio talk. Exercise do. Physical activity each day. We work that these efforts today we step. And that raises doubts that it. Bull. CN. We do resistance to their experts. You stretch reworked you do need to move your body. Increase the bullet. Lubricate joints whether the law whether it will job. Hopping on a stationary bike jumping rope whatever it is. It was march along. You can jump road. Koppel go back and mutilate. But whatever. You mind your warm up ever human it's very least. Your mind you read. Sequences. And exercise things all night. Really Oscar season it's now. Recently especially. As piece. On them Ingrid yeah themselves and the person you. Very simple amber eyes. Just yeah. Shoulders and back down notice that our homes are facing in towards each other in the news. Whoever hunts are facing in our forums. Are less like. He didn't she know if you take a look Martin for second my palms up like this. But some people Tuesday flicked a wrist right before licorice look of palm and you no longer can flip your wrist and release of mountain police stretching the biceps. Getting the break your radio possibly there really ounces Austin looked great here. Right along here that's a break your radio else rate here break your radios into the bye set and that hammer cruel really focuses on that. Using Joseph repetitions. Before you can count times and today we're doing these are proximate. Sixty seconds each set to pick an excellent and it's already sixty seconds. Dre has that is it. There. Right. Once you've got a virus. And we're stretching and squeezing out don't have don't have indeed can sue you get balls of water. It's a laundry detergent whatever you. And countless your body so worried about five seconds. Cox is here. More that you should be adding that well. And relax okay and consumer news press beach repertoire. And imagine your cocktail waitress and you've got a tray of drinks and Europe pressed him up and backed down. And sober during this exercise your written as a way to really. Access your shoulders. Skull and Tony tight shoulders narrow quite often I hear from people. Especially women their concern that if they would weights are they gonna get big bulky. No you're not gonna get big invoking it is so hard building muscle tissue it takes. A year you do everything a right to put a couple pounds of lean muscle tissue on. If you're booking it's because are not eating properly and you're not doing enough. Activities debated on facts so. Don't Reebok bolting to focus on eating clean city your step school every day and training Smart you don't wanna just. No method in the madness you want to a certain number sets reps and resistance. And we want to make sure that everyone's moving in the same case argued take a look at Drake. From all the same pace perpich. Like synchronized older presses. Are getting it right about now. More if you don't wait. Your neighbor's. Camera there questions and and it is an overhead rights of you don't rapping that tops its agreement behind the head and straight up to see okay. Here is a great writes that movement evacuate stain you stagger the viewpoint of what. I. It. And yet so. The bureau backed him or if you like write an on obvious right. Durables about the harm birds or impossible. For him I think you know one story. Yeah. Take a look this is great. She's pressing them together she's getting their political movement straight up straight down. And she's really targeting and focusing on the triceps congrats you're taking my way by the way I narrow you're getting a lot of experience has spent. I've. All right perfect so. We take you through ice movement movements. And all of the arms. The muscles of the entity were seasons. Now we're all this together in one sequence of movements. Everybody. Here right. Rate home race so earth curl rest. Shoulder press. Rights act show. Stretch. Coral. Tries. Down. Stretched him on this and. Remember listen to your body if something's deals wrong if something doesn't feel right people clicked your pop beer once I more than the other. Him down. Listen to your body. Eighties here and we got they don't look me you've got a pre existing shoulder injury went through whatever it is don't push past the point of copper that's really important messenger. And what's happened. Akamai and leave it got out the rest down shrines shoulders good Steward is leading the case now. They don't grass hawk shoulder. Only. And Barack. And getting everybody over. And a ready. Ago. Up triceps. And shoulder sort of so at home you're gonna really burned. Your shoulder leadership triceps your bias that everything that people see as you walk down the wrecked car. Every bit of skin that exposes from those strapless dresses. Everything would expose arms and of course meant walking the red corporate and perhaps suits artists he goes on. You can still see when they have great sculpted toned shoulders biceps and triceps straight through the suit so it's really work let me read more want to crawl. Brass triceps. And got soon. Down perpich extraction and more coming up yeah hurt put them down program race. Catcher Brent everybody and marching out just unfortunate not feel is what's your body and all you're doing energetic. Feel free to pick it up to light jock. You're goes keep your body moving this is getting your copper. When you worked out. Its policy intensely you create Laffy. Assi when your muscles work or and a lack the gas it. Accumulates in the Muslim becomes a war makes us tired so we human Rogen and advocates that at a march to rip you weren't good to mark. Experts think that the gaps in current you know use in his energy and. All this congress. Next answers now. Yes. This dollar. How long. You know. We so you've and he like strong. So. Our focus is expecting everything we cited him silly and a lot of time in the so all my shortest. I. All right pocket a burglar back when marine reservists colts shaped planes. Going. Let clicked sleeplessness but it exactly. And baton day. Many years ago. Factories which was we got out there. Role. And everybody talking. And that because it gives us. Okay the next move reduced government good analog sticks who. Graduates sit Laura wrote now this is gonna work on the wrong avoids this is gonna work on the upper back and is gonna help pull your shoulders back. And yet really regal posture Ace of Base to right. Grabbing this dumb. Knows I'd written here are pretty might wait until I left elbow to my left knee and wherever it broke out. And back down. Grow up and back down one of my favorite all time movements because it really creates more civility. Strand. How were in your posture. You'll longer. He gives a natural that we can actually lightening your apps because strengthening your upper back measure looking forward everyone. You can look to the ground or hero for economic and down towards your need. So let your duties at home for sixty seconds on each side we got about twenty seconds left to go on his side. Keep reaching everybody Ricci wrote I always tell everyone it's hard copy example what is imagine you're starting on more. And I've yet to meet anybody in the entertainment industry whose numbers are not. So not a good example. Imagine your opening presents Christmas morning meeting accidentally packages off that's like five seconds keep reaching out growing. I'm gonna switch sides to. Won't morrow and switch plates and our rightly export monopoly barracks where each and grow up. Perfect. It's important also that sleet everybody award season comes along there's all kinds of authorities. If you don't rest and listened to your body hey you're not can eat well and case studies show that if you don't sleep enough. You tend to be hungrier you crave things the next day shouldn't. You tend to be less physically active. You're tired you're less likely to take. Elevator. Or take the stairs and elevator Milwaukee residents and thoughts and excellence and really impress somebody. He's you feel better look no matter what makes us better. And WB winner Jennifer these workouts we can't. So did you I was sentenced this site really regionally strengthening the upper back. As we region's growing need this rain exercising. Moral wrongs do want and have a degree she now. We'll go back to the other side but now on the other side were gonna do triceps movements that want him to run this and yes this angle here SC. Far right triceps are going to be working. So get back into the first move us stated this is a cult and a no kickback and are ridiculous story right here you come back. And down. And yeah we're not gonna rush to release them because this is a tough. Really. Isolated. Well this movement on the triceps. Kick up down. Really hold her publicist Heidi again. And we irrelevant your body right we can really use that really occasional lack of leverage this surgery is exercise. Thank you your really long. Focusing strictly party and it is right step. There's about two thirds of a massive or are. I spoke to him biceps that currently are at the beach muscle it's what you see we look here. But you'll train your biceps actually great posture expirations this whole sporting the less drunk triceps actually are. It's really oh and you while. The triceps are. 1 morning my parents were definitely goes arrested. There probably on fire right now where they go. Ritter radical left themselves. Read up on your side and let's get a proper. Am and they don't look down that I symmetric hole at the very top. Focus is on squeezing the Moscow. Do you go it. Implement. And drinks vehicle I would those three things like why don't. I think that there certainly is due more weight there. Garment. But it wore me the best job in the world and that's yard number. And I had been. Squeezed. A lot of the and out so obviously dyed T. Huge component of looking rate. All year long not history words. And the number one reason that people here for not well it's time right cook's team coached real confusion. Not whom this app. So why do people lending sugar unit kind of as a recently Cimarex. One more wrap and relax and cost more than 10% of fortune out as a. Next. So when blending it takes the guesswork I wrote a book called divided reset died a few years ago. Which is kind of like reprieve red carpet ready. Eating program work for five days you ticket all the guesswork excuses. For not eating well and you have this delicious white smoothie from reckless. And you have a crunchy snack and read speak reliance and crunchy snack greens Magee for dinner don't do this mind games. And studies show that people who lose the most amount awaiting the first five days and weight loss program are far more likely to stick to the program so. Because of how regimented and structure the first Fides and simple. Or you're results are astronomical. And so you're more likely to stick with us the next five days in the five days actors and the next five days. He replace your dinner smoothie with the regular meal. And then after that you replace tutors movies with a regular meals are just not once with the day to regular meals and to Kristi snacks. I designed to wonder. Angela Harley Pasternak are wonder and you'll see that you know the blenders governor and the market really good blenders are just too expensive. Hand we found a way to make an incredible. Best in class wonder so much more affordable. And then act partner which on the Jews are now you when you need to make lenders at home Christmas you can go to any of the 920 damages locations around the country. And you confinement resets movies there so I'm they're all delicious as white red and green. Joba priced movies but in the meantime we're gonna get back to the next move in the next move in a combined. Our Latin grow our price fixing it goes to movements we get credit combined and everybody in that position again. He's polling down. Ready a road. Out and kick back. Down and reached out to get back. Down and reach out kick back down and reach. That. You don't really meant. About the post chain. I mentioned a moment ago we spent much time focusing on the also part of our body. We look Ers are meant. Too much chest too much access we get real low like posturing comes and women focusing too much are your thoughts. Too much that your dominoes and inner side. That boxer and actually make your body she's out at Compaq. So really focus on them also in the back of the body that's here right now. We've got the wrong words were triceps. We've got the upper back going. It all of these guys back they pull us back. We spent so much of our day sitting at our desks using our phones. We need to open our bodies out and that's exactly what these exercises are doing here is they're opening our body up their lengthening the illusion of lengthening our body. They're reducing the chances of injury a poor posture. Release three more. What really targeting Tony most important parts of our body the give us better postured reduce your chance of injury while more. And let's switch sides. Yeah. Rules or rules there. These red carpet ready shoulders and arms are right Goddard Jumbo a 321. Road kick back down. Road kick back. Darren. Now I normally like to do this to music right I use hip hop specifically because it cadence hip hop. Intensity are usually is the perfect case for this kind of training. And it keeps consistency wrap two rap because you move with could be. And there's usually a port town in betweens are 123. One. Assumes three. Four and the music create consistency is energy your work out scientifically showed how your work out having good music so. I'm not anything. That really. What we all airlines. Example. It's enough with the pit bull we need to look at oh. Went beaten and salaries and line up kid. We've got five. Second that he has at home okay John we really shoulders your upper back biceps. Triceps keep pushing through a few more seconds. Lastly I'm. Any doubt that around her pitching out was march an op friends aren't talking opera's record shows dark and our cars really move his arms around. Saw. So there's a lot of you at home we took three movements we took a biceps grow. We crucial class. And we took an overhead about an extension and we combine those 31 movement the movement where we curled pressed. I sat down stretched choral brass products. So three movements combined into one we called it Friday movement. And that we you but I just made it out America. I. And the second thing we did was we have two different other exercises we took a single arm wrote. With our warm resting right here are welcome back are wrong choice posture it there are traps. And then we took another group are triceps kick back and we combine soup for a vote wrote which writes that extension. So really today we did five different exercises. But we did them over to exercise. And it's about efficiency. And it's about really. Hopefully together the right body parts they give us the illusion of good posture. Our arms back. And direct the hall later during the awards season during the holiday season. About with the pacers. But there aren't any awards season it's important it's important people wearing during the work season and women's and that we're things expose their arms and shoulders. And how to redress that opt in they have upper backs are suppose keeping effort backs wrong and that's what the growing movement for men. Look at the candidates about focusing on the mosque that your body so you look bad or in a suit and tuxedo. We did he addresses that draws her shoulders back and out. And before we warmed up in between we do our papers and right now a little movement after the critical. So if you have any questions please feel free email us. I don't know. Rampart we have to answer prayer. We always have a lot of great advice there you India must for any questions there you can get my smoothies a job please go get Lisa pace and they're delicious. And thank you everybody thank you Andre as usual well thank you saw on your every job. I'm everybody ABC thank you very much for two million. And just reminded that he hasn't always refreshes think element of the house how lucky they are you. You got a guy who literally trained get people ready for movies for concerts giving you work out refers to page do it again whenever you feel like New York. And done I think he says. Yeah. Are you guys Bryant. Piorek out the full. Oh what do you think apple is in charge we got PB and jealous and we got green upping go yes cheers cheers and how pitchers and how. That no.

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