Paralyzed Man Walks After Cell Transplant

Surgeons in Poland transplanted cells from Darek Fidyka's nasal cavity into his spinal cord.
2:37 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Paralyzed Man Walks After Cell Transplant
The investment that some in the medical interest industry are saying is a game changer repairing a severed spinal cord so that a paralyzed man can walk again Tennessee go to this break the rationalizing our sense of smell here's ABC's Molly hunter. With us incredible story. Walking again. Four years after being paralyzed by a knife attack the kidney among youths when there's nothing he can't feel almost half real body. You very helpless lost. But when it begins to come back it's like starting afresh as if you born again. After 2010. Derek fit Kuerten never thought he'd be able to feel anything below his chest can now watch one foot in front of the other. Beatty stats and the product to four decades of research a pioneering cell transplant in poll and our partners at the BBC spoke with the lead researchers. I've Waite said about fourteen years for an environment like this. And that I am hopeful that these moments when beauty pizza then called friends. By independent processes. Doctors behind a child believe this sentence now holds the key to reversing paralysis. The olfactory bolts seen here in green transmit voter information to the brain. And the nerve fibers regenerate constantly. In two separate operations surgeons remove dare axle factory bald and then injected cells from around the gap in his spinal cord. Doctors hope those cells would provide a pathway to allow the spinal cord to repair itself. I believe this is the moment. When paralysis can be with us since the operations Derek has re gained muscle mass movement and sensation. And RI scans suggest that gap in the spine has now closed people. Noting wheelchairs will be filled with hope and excitement and they have to know that in my view. The development stage of this is still another three to five. And while there's hope no one knows yet if this will work on other patient. This is systems clinical study on one patient and what we like to see. Is. This study expounded. No leader of the research team Condit to mourn president inviting a man on the moon and it could be a pivotal momma. But it's two related talent and just one clinical trial music could be could be so how many people could this possibly know. There aren't there were emailing people paralyzed in this world but. Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment so many cases you've got to find that actually been crushed and in Derek skate this find was cut creating massive gap. Where this treatment able to bridge to fastening sounds like hope for so many people that didn't think they had a before ABC's Molly hunter thank you.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Surgeons in Poland transplanted cells from Darek Fidyka's nasal cavity into his spinal cord.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26371222","title":"Paralyzed Man Walks After Cell Transplant","url":"/Health/video/paralyzed-man-walks-after-cell-transplant-26371222"}