Pfizer to study effects of vaccine in pregnant women

The pharmaceutical company will also submit data to the CDC that says its vaccine might not have to be stored in extreme temperatures.
4:56 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Pfizer to study effects of vaccine in pregnant women
Infectious disease specialist and ABC news medical contributor doctor Todd Allen joins me now. For more on all of this including at that study on vaccines for pregnant women doctor Halloran. Good morning great to have you as always so. Right now what is this conversation like should pregnant women. Wait too but get the vaccine until learning the results of this study your or is this a case by case basis. I think it's a case by case basis I know premier recommending that are pregnant women that I see. I I'd tell him that I think the benefits outweigh the risks but of course it's a personal decision we have to respect don't want them based on. Here's the good news so far about 20000. Pregnant women have received called it vaccine. In the US and Eric has been no CD signals so look seems so far. But we have to have a firm landing on this question so I think I really applaud buys are in effected. You know what we just heard from a period piece that you're rolling about 4000 pregnant women between 24 and 36 weeks that's late second trimester and third trimester and they're gonna randomized spending some of the pregnant women will get the vaccine some will get placebo Campbell will more definitively be able to answer that question is that actually safe in pregnancy but so far it looks so. It's very rare that we see randomized trials on pregnant women why do you think a decision was made to do it in this case. Your civil right I mean I just think that it is. We we are in the middle of a global crisis and I think it took this type of just who kind of level level of danger around the world this to this plague in order to get scientists and and ethicists to be able to say you know what let's go forward who does and it makes sense so are any other groups that you can we concede these kinds of studies on groups that there are concerns about when it comes to the vaccine. Right so you don't yeah I already Pfizer is fully enrolled there aren't twelve to fifteen age group remember there are. They have EU way for the sixteen and older so we should get your data on that over the next few months intimate Dern I started rolling in in December. They are rolling kids. Aged twelve to seventeen remember they have any way for eighteen and older so it is very possible that these are teams that are in and preteens medial be detonator before school starts in the fall. And then Pfizer also says it's submitting data to the FDA showing that. There vaccine might not have to be stored at those extremely cold temperatures. That we've seen so far what is the data show and how helpful would that be. Diane I don't know if you remember being you asked me this maybe about 45 months before we talk to vote. You know how stability data can change over time disease good news so now the fires are risking can distort these pharmaceutical grade freezers lighten adjournment not like our home freezes which are zero but at temperatures of lake mine is thirteen Fahrenheit minus five parent and what's good news he eats just one step further to decrease our logistical challenges but. Please remember that we heavy global. But vaccine vacuum right now. Do over a 130 countries have not received any vaccine so we really have to make sure that we get this vaccine around the world in not just to reach the resource rich countries remember you know what's helping and one part of the world cannot that other parts the world I think that's this pandemic has taught us that last. Don't less than. Men and some experts are predicting that we could actually reach herd immunity. By April do you think that's possible and what are the driving factors behind that prediction. This is really unanswered question and I'm gonna tell you I'm not sure but I do think it's possible in this is why we could talk I don't mess skiing in distancing. And we've improved in the Arab I don't think that's really the driving factors all the we have taken T continue to do that but I think. Would what people are thinking is that. There's been enough natural infection has been about twenty million confirmed cases in the United States remember we think this plays three to four times more. Confirms that puts us in about a hundred million overall infections acute. That today now there's been about 57 million doses of vaccine given in April hopefully will be closed today. You know 10015. Million dose range so cute at. Those numbers up it's possible that we need you able to drive down the virus to the point where. If a person is infected. They will not be able to transmitted twin no other person that's what I mean that the reproductive number falls to less than one and now you're on your help to herd immunity. So it is now the next question Diana is how Long Will that herd immunity last and that's where the variance come in and next generation there seems to remember. There is that cycle. It seems like there's always a catch to the good news but we will take the good news as we can get a doctor Allan great to talk to you thank you. Great tartans your.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The pharmaceutical company will also submit data to the CDC that says its vaccine might not have to be stored in extreme temperatures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76001577","title":"Pfizer to study effects of vaccine in pregnant women","url":"/Health/video/pfizer-study-effects-vaccine-pregnant-women-76001577"}