Planned Parenthood protest against Senate health care bill

ABC News' Serena Marshall reports from Capitol Hill.
5:55 | 06/27/17

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Transcript for Planned Parenthood protest against Senate health care bill
Welcome to ABC news I'm street and Marshall and we told you all of it would be bringing you the latest from Capitol Hill as his health care debate continues. On his show you behind me see that bus there. That is the president for your take the Republican senators to the White House as they continue to. This legislation we have learned that Mitch McConnell will delay that health care bill until after the July 4 recess. And while there have been groups up here all day talking about health care affiliates is. Billion parent and you can see this rally going on. In the shadow after capital. Great here and joining us to talk about this is one of the President Clinton and greater north. West and the lion island the Hawaiian Islands and I'm Chris sharpened. In this. Feels medication you're joining. And as a let's just talk about why he decided. And very distracting and health care spending big issue is actually going on renounce and it's that would mean event titled this rally. It was really imperative that our voices heard pedal to the panel even though it's a little break in action now meeting for weeks. It's so important call and let people what's going on and we hear music CE. And are asking him. And make sure that she does on her parents and sister in. About how that meeting Lansing and they're really advocated ardently Republican senators on board. And then visited nine inherited in the content issued on their public ringleaders. Let her go he went terrifically well she was very support. I'm undermining parents doesn't want to underlying sense. And she's concerned with people in the broader bill in general yeah so I'm I feel this bill isn't going. Yet as it's written they're hoping for a massive rewrite. And we hope she gets her. And as for our viewers are going to be familiar with what this bill got. What an. And Medicaid and using and Aaron. So transparent in its Medicaid its first service repeat them at your insurance coverage. Her. I'm provide support services. I asked that the only selling. And it isn't about how important. Spacey in it. Our country that just about contraception coverage that he doesn't cover abortion coverage nationwide. I'm so we're just talking about birth control and the idea that somehow women wouldn't even use their coverage to get heard control. Isn't very bad policy now some people might come back at it they've just go to their doctor and getting credit enhancement grant but why. I mean that's not working late Michael I'm. Well there aren't extra dollars to be and it's a huge medical provider shortage in many parts of the United States and and also getting different. So some of these places have. 34 monthly periods ended Ekene contraception usually am. And OK so when you had that meeting a very good about it do you think you're moving in needling in this debate I'm so because look we've got a delay I mean clearly they don't have the votes to bring it up today where the recent past and I think what that means is Americans need to keep their voices be heard need to keep the pressure on don't let up for a moment until we know how this resigns and many kinds of things like preexisting conditions in his organization had at Roland. I'm writing here. I absolutely what what you don't wanna how are people not getting here he did you don't want people not getting preventative care. Like contraception is needed and happy that get worse in the hours before I mean that's when they'll get its. Think you for joining us mean you have to go join Israelis and Caruso going on right over there we're gonna let you do maybe some think you know and Manhattan. I was really good digital once again everybody many parents even. And it remained excellent from Anchorage Alaska. Yeah. Ali yeah. There. Anything can. Up from eighteen yeah like you and they're not that you might not available to my own children or to other Alaskan women is regularly training. So let's talk about here. Hearing the news it's. At least I know where it was. I was abused them and it wasn't handled very well. Not graduated and having abusive relationships when I started to. Hundreds lined yeah. So instead I wasn't Planned Parenthood. The theme for sharing your personal story with us and so you talked about. What do you make sure that you sent when it comes as an issue I didn't want it to me Richard Nixon and getting everything here from apparently didn't agency of my body and help stimulants. I don't think I still think company and it actually allowed. Education and soccer is meaningful to me and it. Yeah they're now the. Now isn't really say hello only not any. Right here in. Quarters. To meet its Planned Parenthood. What would your response needs an argument. That healthcare is very expensive and it's very difficult to access and in Alaska conservatives write it sometimes can take months to get its primary care provider. And so women who don't really have the funds lying around just got. Different here than arrogantly it months mark woods is that would help here. Financing thank you for joining us we have more room. Demonstration coming you. Very shortly.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall reports from Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"48312758","title":"Planned Parenthood protest against Senate health care bill","url":"/Health/video/planned-parenthood-protest-senate-health-care-bill-48312758"}