Psychiatrist claims self-care is the key to living your best life

Dr. Jessica Clemons uses social media and live audience conversations as unique ways to tackle the mental health stigma.
16:13 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Psychiatrist claims self-care is the key to living your best life
And welcome to ABC news live I'm Kimberly Bronx and the conversations were about to have right now is one I wanted to have I'll want for a very long time on self care. Thumb but the deeper. More intangible parts of mental wellness and the person I'm wind is the person I'm wanted to have this conversation. Win the doctor Jessica Clemens. Or if you're one of her 61000. Instant am followers than you know her as doctor death so I really. Really appreciate you being here today is you for having me I know your super busy. And you just got back from Athens yes yes yes how was that it was so much time there was so much time. A lot of information sort of being spread about mental health and wellness so. It was great yeah I just people in now as we're getting this conversation started that you're an actual doctor yeah you're actually not. You're you're resident and I am site just finished asking that in my answer is aging literally make. Let us pack. That's crazy that's intense that ascent things so I found you an instant Graham and I'll tell you how I found you I found the because. I'm always on the on things Graham. I am you got married and she without your wedding yes and I was like who is this beautiful woman. And then as I was digging deeper that's when I came across your handle witches ask doctor Jess so I want you to tell us about your handle. Yes so. As you shared I ate with a resident psychiatrist resident doctor. And he started using social media really as a way to disengage with the community that. I felt really understood sort of my journey we're curious about. My experience in medical school and then in residency. And one day people were just sort of curious about my expertise. So they ask about you don't tips for anxiety and depression and they went on instead Graham lives. And they started you know to get information there. And then they just changed my handle over sap back and that's. It was really it was really very organic but again it's really started intended to be a space where it's a safe space the space where. You can pop in and yes the aspects of my life but also. Get to know information that you can use to you propel you and your own journey. It's long. Yeah and you say pop and and that's honestly what it feels like how you feel like your instincts tell people what a safe space actually means. What I is that turn it means increased for there really isn't sort judgment I'm sure we all judge people that we interact with. But it's about how he's sort of recognize that that's a way that meet in track. And and work to sort of not bring those judgments popped into sort of a conversation and he really listening to understand dean and half thick. And so let's say spaces where you know your experience is just as important as someone else's experience and we're all really just trying to learn and support one another thing that's another. Important piece when I at least mentions a six days at the supportive environment. Yeah definitely. I think you know there's lots of conversation about cell care now we. And I think for some people in May feel inaccessible because it's about the things what you buy them aside as you Gator and the products they have to purchase. But what you provide is you know just the idea that you really do the work with yourself and so so what is self care mean to doctor Jess. Yes so if it means the opposite of what most people think it's not about getting you know you're now an overspending. Money in a spot it's really about keen attention to what's going on in her nearly. And it took me awhile to really learn that it actually was during their residency when I recognize. There's an internal world. Purport you like what are you talking about us but I learned that what that means is there is the internal world is made up if your feelings. Your thoughts. And if you set a little bit with yourself you'll start to sort of be in tune with Iraq fizzle self care is really being in tune with what he Philippine need. Paid he had a long workweek in your bodies seen any drastic yes grass that is health care if you had a difficult time in a relationship and you need some support. And you wanna colloquy need to cry yeah absolutely. Yes cry you know so it's really learning how to pay attention to. The messages that your body is telling you yes it's not a outspending a bunch of money to sort of mask with actually happening. And if you pay attention to those messages that means you have to be quiet and mouth. You have to have the distractions gone so you can actually hear the message absolutely yes absolutely till things like yoga. Meditation a year when they say that some people sort of react with and I you know that's that's a lot of slowing down for me to do. But it takes work one thing I'm curious about is where this journey began for you because when I was growing up. Therapy was not a word I ever heard so we actually talked allowed you have. Are feeling not about fear Kenya but you know I remember my mother was very you know what's going and in and a freight you know came in like I you know I don't know I'm just had a bad day. What do you how he feel. And site I think I grew up really having that bullying win it's sort of invented but to your point. There were were conversations about about therapy yeah with an intra scene is when I. During medical school sort of fell in love with psychiatry was during a rotation. That it was taking care that the gentleman who had what's called catatonic depression catatonic depression. And it's really just the type of depression that so severe that one really removes more slowly or we have had difficulty speaking. And we treated this gentlemen and I thought I get better. And that's when I fell in love with psychiatry. So I went home and shared with the family. Hey I went to medical school to the cockpit and gonna become a psychiatrist. They really cut and understand. Why I chose to do that and it goes back to what you're saying it wasn't really. A conversation that we we had in my household or in the area grew up your group in the south. But. Certainly now my feeling is that his understanding and branding yeah accidentally. They do. I think it's interesting is an example because you're saying his that his depression was so severe that it was affecting him physically yes and I think like I always heard this spring that on in the senate but they say your issues during your tissues in the leg you care. Whatever's going on with he has a physical affects so. It is a physical reaction to stress. Yes and Nina yes I mean depression itself there that you can be multi bacterial in terms of how one develops suppression can. Because of biological reason family history. You know how many times a person is would have been exposed to trauma there's not a set number but each individual may have a number that they can really only tolerate. So when we talk abouts you know families of color people of color. These conversations are starting to happen more. But they are important for our communities because we haven't talked about. The traumas and things for so long we so what you're doing is relieved breaking down these statements. Why is why are these conversations so important. In your opinion for communities of color. Yes so what we know within mental health and in psychiatry is that for example African Americans are not. Likely to seek treatment early and so we were we look at sort of the data and we see that African Americans. By the time they present for mental health treatment it's in the emergency room. And that's a little that sort of too late Rachel presenting in a crisis. And stigma has just one piece of the work that we as a community and psych psychiatric community mental health community. Me to Madras because it is a fact teen how communities access care. As a part of what I do used his tightest shall people. Hey this is what a psychiatrist can look like here's how easy these conversations can happen here's what support looks like. Here's what it means you yes have some judgment about a person but not necessarily present I think in try to really understand them. In year on instant Graham yes it's not like. Actually therapy session but it feels that wages are getting like that that little nugget that's in need in the middle of the day after but in general how do you think people should go about. Finding a mental health professional. As I. Be creative but we are in an age a lot of technology. Social media obviously is a great place to sort of look information up. Google search you know you can look for. Therapist or psychiatrist. Who you know sort of fit the demographic that you would like. Start with an insurance company if you don't have that you can also. Look into. Resource is battered you know within the community but free resources but just be creative and be persistent. Okay you're a doctor yet. And then you have instant Rampage which feels like it's way fleshed out past answer mandated flight it's a safe space does he say and then you have these. Be well conversation and it started banner absolutely amazing I haven't had a chance to go to one but I want you to tell us about those because. They are incredible thank you yes so. She well as the conversation series and I started to be a year ago in August. It the intent was really just to sort of bring someone you know or until a cassette with me and talk about their life. With the purpose of inspiring viewers we do it you know in front of a live audience but you have like celebrities and I don't care. Oh yeah. Saloon bad. Combatant who complain about. What's going on here like it's not just to have a personal history you have people that actually have a lot of influence yes yes absolutely. Yes I'm a little sometimes wary about shy about it but yet absolutely aside interviewed people like. Judy amber he's her Jessie Marie as the speeds and they all agreed to have a conversation it's not clear the to sort of do those two things that I really hope people can can take away. Which is to be inspired. To pursue their current events and also to normalize conversations about meant Hulk. And so with really great is these celebrities really serve as I mean to people that can just. Get you know folks into the room of the subprime ally body in front of the live idea how to to 400 people and it's free because I don't ever want it. Issues related to money you know that to come in the way people really getting the kind of information that they would like. I give an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and engage with us he's an actor but it's all about just really creating safe spaces. And normalizing conversations about mental health and the feedback has been an easy yeah agree. I want to ask you about your own self care practices what do you do when your stress your feeling off or there's an imbalance. I love yoga. So I find myself really engaging in that if it hits a week where I feel like things are just more hectic and you things have gotten really busy now that I'm. Factor jazz though he doled out Altai treat out I'll go UW couple were times but weakening normally lead I love music. Thought you know I'm very intentional about what I listened to collect a lot of soul music and listen to classical music jazz. And I'll just be very intentional about. Sending a means to Graham and just taking in some time alone get a cup but he. Maybe get you know I'm no look at it and write out a little bit more when I'm thinking and feeling but it's really for me just about being intentional. And disconnecting. It just pay more attention telling feeling inside. Making yourself. The number one priority yet which isn't selfish at all if not it's self yes so it can you explain that's of people because when people say a lot of women in fact. When you say. I'm making myself a priority of I think of my sister who has kids for example. Saying that sounds like you're abandoning someone else but it's really it really is if you abandon yourself you can't give anything to anyone else have to salute your pleaded you. Art yet one of this sort of sane that I love as you can't pour from an empty cup capsule and that really just reminds me of the importance of taking care of yourself so that you have the B anyway. To be able to tolerate you know toddler's feet can be very sort of frustrating at times in if you are. So worn down. You might hang yourself becoming were irritable and snapped scene and cannot really engaging. So I think we have a lot of guilt you know women especially who are caring for children are just actually not just women people were caretakers I'll say that. We lapped up. We want to be everything to every one. But it's so important to realize that slowing down a little bad he do it regularly you won't necessarily feel like this is a big deal when you decide to take a moment to yourself. Now the little things. Yet even before we go I just wanna get your opinion on that a few things that people I think people don't talk about enough when it comes a self care so first thing I want you can just given not get the way you do in your captioned okay so energy for example and the people that you have around you so give me your ninetieth on who your tribe your circle is and how that impacts of so. Here my personal time. Or any genre in general I think you're tribe is good though yeah it's pretty young thing ignorance I could be I think miniature. It's rod knowledge. Period period. Well I mean I think I would. Saying to reflect the outlook for people that really reflect who you want to the comer who you are becoming yeah. And you know it doesn't mean that you have to cut ties with people who are sort of reflecting that but just being really cognizant of who you're investing your time toxic people that sort of goes witness. It died so you know one of the really hoping that Swiss people actually said with you know toxic people can be in your vehemently a shirt they sure can't and so one of the things that he shared have to be well conversation was. You know you have to really focus on who makes you happy and what makes you happy. And really block out those people who doubt yeah and that sounds a little critical NR sometimes it's hard tire and by. In order to relieve reach the places that you want to go. You really have to do you an appraisal of who's around. And again it can be Philippines simplest is spending a little bit less time. With those people who are toxic stepped in wartime with the people who make you so and so this sort of goes along with them the boundaries. Foundry is selling corn bacteria essential air defense yet now. And that is that a question that I get a lot in my direct messages may. But again if you do not set boundaries people will do anything to you that they feel it boundaries urges simply letting people know. Where you stand in what's reasonable and they interact with you in the final mine which in Barney sort of sad before but solitude. It's so important people are afraid of it which I think is why there's a lot of time that we spend on social media we're doing these sort of pseudo self care activities but spending time alone can be really a great opportunity for you to check comfortable. With your feelings feelings have a finite sort of time is filling out. And they will Sweden isn't let them sit with them and get comfortable and uncomfortable learn from them and then this is how path the flu like that again your page peep. We'll have not gone on the instant Rampage for ass knocked suggests you're missing now it's beautiful there's dial there's tips there's there's so many nuggets and the caption you're letting it Emory singled out saying you need so. We appreciate you coming you can come back whenever you want. Just you're in you're literally walking men all laugh track. But thank you so much we appreciated and hopefully. Be able to check out one year being well conversations yes we'll have you packed season. I can be well not yet exist thank you they union.

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