Rescue dogs bring the love on International Dogs Day

Stella Plit and Dana Kats of Brooklyn's Rescue City shelter explain how to adopt or foster a dog.
3:55 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for Rescue dogs bring the love on International Dogs Day
You didn't think we're gonna talk about international dog day without bringing in some dogs are right our entire team the big cited right now because these guys that we have. Plant and Dana cats from rescue city that's based in Brooklyn here in New York in two incredibly. Adorable. Adaptable. Are rescued dogs some guys what are their names their adorable all my good to his. This is ready elite who his informant old Labrador arm. And this is blue meanie and she's also a four month old epidemics. Wow from different letters of course the my dashed so how older than four months for anyone about to be five. The library is much bigger than he said the as the he'd like let's get through this segment real quick so what is the mission and the motto I love you dad motto what's the mission for rescue city. You can't put weight on them. Yet movies like know what it not even. Motto is that there is eight and her aunt. Yes and so people can come ended. And yeah choose from a wide variety of dogs that have been abandoned or abused and you guys are helping them select and do do the whole thing. We have all its. And you. Crimes and eight re. You. What do you guys love about this work besides the obvious I mean doing this all day obviously we just heard it and it impacts your mental wellness. It's really. Great to see how happy the dogs aren't in their new homes but it's also amazing seeing family is complete. Children growing up but dogs who've never had dogs before by people who bring in dogs into their home that never grew up with doctor. And just seeing have really docked in change people's lives yes. And so do you have you have dogs yourself ya right yes yes. I Foster failed to and capped to have my Foster Don. In what about you do you have any dogs. Yeah. All the time that is one of the most important thing and that unit lost act. Don't eight if he's all right yes. And in. They eat. And I had beaten dog. Clinton. People want and it's. And how can people adopt what is the process what are they have to do to come inning get these cutie pies oh my goodness I. What you have to do have the hate it competing application adults would be considered or not. Are there is little get. We interview in there to us. The even think what he. So I'm our website as rescue city dot and mice he yet it can meet all of our about the bulldogs there island a little bit more about the adoption process. They can also follow us on social media to see it our news dogs. Yes and then you also provides support for people after they have the dogs in their home. Yes. Meat placed it what she knew when they bring there. Dot com and oh you have any outreach. And it post adoption. And that allowed people back. Comfort OK acting on the finance from Asia. You know this particular situation and getting them. Fat. Of course he. Higher. Grade yes. Well we love them we're glad you brought them there amazing they're beautiful stellar play it and Dana Katz thank you so much I hope and then earlier today.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Stella Plit and Dana Kats of Brooklyn's Rescue City shelter explain how to adopt or foster a dog. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"65199088","title":"Rescue dogs bring the love on International Dogs Day","url":"/Health/video/rescue-dogs-bring-love-international-dogs-day-65199088"}