Researchers at Ohio State identify 2 new COVID-19 variants

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses the COVID-19 virus being "in full resurgence" in big cities.
2:01 | 01/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Researchers at Ohio State identify 2 new COVID-19 variants
And joining us now for more infectious disease specialist at ABC's medical contributor doctor Todd Barrett is here to answer our questions doctor Alan good morning. Where is Stephanie mentioned that resurgence in big cities how concerned should it be about. You know it reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson quote he said it best sooner or later we all have to sit down at the banquet of consequences. These are the consequences of us not shutting down the virus not being able to and you know. Really eradicate it like eight and in an attack it down like other countries have done with our initial shelters and place it now what's happening is we have uncontrollable virus and that is leading to these additional mutations. An Ohio State researchers have identified these two new variants in the US what are we know about those. Yes I think it's important things to know if it looks like you started here so it's not like travel from the UK are from self Africa into here one of them does have the signature by a one Y mutation which is that UK Vieri and signature. But with interest thing is the other one additional mutations that looks like you need even more efficient at transmitting from person to person then that in the UK once again if we don't stop this virus in it spirals out of control we will see more of these more and more of these variants. And a new CDC study found K through twelve in person classes did not appear to lead to an increase in cases compared to areas. With virtual classes so is it time to get these kids back into the classroom. I think you're right Diane I mean what this study looked that was the kids and and young adults you're 24 agent what they show is that the younger you are the less likely you Marty get infected especially those under. Ten years of age and and those that are ten to eighteen. Less incidents of infection than those eighteen to 24 so I do agree with you that we should help our kids in school as much as possible. All right doctor Tyler and thank you as always.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Infectious disease specialist Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses the COVID-19 virus being \"in full resurgence\" in big cities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75251280","title":"Researchers at Ohio State identify 2 new COVID-19 variants","url":"/Health/video/researchers-ohio-state-identify-covid-19-variants-75251280"}