Schools begin to reopen worldwide

ABC News’ James Longman reports on students and teachers facing uncertain futures as they’re called back to the classroom.
5:39 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Schools begin to reopen worldwide
Schools and United States are struggling about what to do in classes began in just weeks but across the globe there is no template just yet his nation's take their own road. Using various approaches to reopen our James Longman has this look. It's. A case that we just don't how the wrong way heavily. The only thing I did have to. Today back 'cause I can't come back into this dual you've got a cool air around it. And only ain't one. Of the many hurdles of returning to school in the age of compared. Around the world millions of children's education in two erupted and now getting kids back into the clothes from safely as a top priority. My mom's like how will stay and I thank you sweetie fighting this. It was good to I have no I gala to say I think they say shines you know. But while the world may be fighting one virus responses to it have varied considerably and the question of how to get schools back up and running. There is no exception all the teachers have. Continues to keep their own rooms okay. Think she's not to prove it is thrown everything off and this elementary school in London has now reopened its tools. But I only half of its roughly 300 students and learning count at the mound she returned to school planned in the UK for the full. They've put all kinds of measures in place spaced out desks sanitize is that every classroom reading using these bases by the GM to teach. It's not been easy. Sammy sounds scarier thing. And stressful. I think they the preparation. Was incredibly stressful launched because of the the going to miss being very unclear. At any advice about children being asymptomatic didn't calm nerves here because of the lives children need a weighty from school a local tournament win. With four generations in one household to ring connect people so they may be passed on to that crime patterns. But there's very early to talk about well what about my teachers and how they can say. We'll let contest and will likely cut back in April we saw that at a Danish school when it reopened its tools is a nice thing about this go. And all the measures we've come to expect were in place hand washing spread our policies and staggered start times you just can't stop kids from being kids. Yeah. Double the socialist movement people. Ultimately people. And most decided to reopen to the younger children to us because they've authority less risky at the time since then some of the advice may have changed. The country's infection rates have not spiked considerably. This London school is hoping for the same that confidence can only go as far as the playground walls. It's only with lower infection rates in the city this head feels he can open up we were keeping a very close eye on local insight tonight slocum death rates. Time as well as they don't let them pictures well. Time that the tuna tested for the temperature bemoaning. Any signs of illness then they always thrown. These kids a wise beyond a year is they know what's happening around them. Oh yeah yeah and played it yet because Indiana teenager killed people it seems to POP3 I blame. It's alive thanks to those in the machine gun on. The schools all trying to make students experience is as normal as possible. And adapting in creative ways. This school in France teaches used gains and hula hoops to keep children apart. And lunchtime as a whole different effect. Children most we can be settled bike kitchen aids and nothing can be brought in from home. Unlike the London school teachers paid to where mosques which makes interacting with the children that much harder. They compulsively sanitize often in touch anything belonging to the kids. And they tell their students to do the same. Asia news pandemic have peaked before Europe. May once again providing glimpse of the future South Korea a country with one of the most successful responses to the crisis has taken some of the most drastic action. They're not only see that vote also Q citizen and an accident old political yes. Should of their own Matthews in all the time and you praise and good night you know classrooms or anything west of whom even in the print off. They may think you can pray five heard of either omitting a mask. But even massive diligence can't totally avoid break counts of this invisible disease. Hong Kong was widely seen to contain the virus but now isolated outbreaks have caused a major shot down and schools are closed once again. At the world struggles to find a united response Donald Trump is clear on what he wants to happen where what you schools open and it's going to be. A much better climate than it is right now we're. On the right side of things but like they colleagues in other countries some teachers in the USA there's no national plan in place to reopen safely for the canes. All the teaches. Teachers are not going to take any order it put our children at risk we're gonna do it right we're going to open schools. With an intentional plan to make sure it's safe. With millions working from home parents around the world voiced their new found respect for the teaches they've longed full cheering locked down. Now the schools reopen their jobs are getting without much more complex. I think people kind of an unseemly and expectations of social workers we were accountants there educates his. And our medics as well James on ABC news mountain medics and teachers are thanks to James.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"ABC News’ James Longman reports on students and teachers facing uncertain futures as they’re called back to the classroom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71788471","title":"Schools begin to reopen worldwide","url":"/Health/video/schools-begin-reopen-worldwide-71788471"}