How to keep your skin safe in the summer sun

ABC News' Olivia Smith talks to Dr. Adriana Schmidt about shielding skin from sun damage.
14:08 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for How to keep your skin safe in the summer sun
There will meet Lindsay I'm your heat and kindly doctor eating. That your politics that can help them and help yeah. Pink top. Here in your money to this summer though I don't think there's an elderly. Hill wanted to. Biggest myths out there is that it's sun screen is the most effective form of some protection. And it's not it's actually the least effective forms of protection. People last what kind of sunscreens values and that's what it's safe that the most important thing is actually stay out of this time. Especially during peak hours between ten and. High in the summer months especially around him. That's the first days I stay out of it's being added this line in the summer and I know that's hard a lot of people might say I don't wanna out of the fun I wanna cat five protection and so whether something that he thought should be aware of it they are gonna go in the sun even if they want to get the little that exposure and you even mentioned ingredient being part of that. OK so when things would be trying to think days in a row and realizing you're gonna get. Walking back board and traveling. And the second is to use them at. We're that's why they say when it let the let's pick it out and try to die and. But on that cover your ears. Of covering that faith covering the years covering that chat. And if I think advisors not his I actually myself how to feed cancer right here in the frontal part of my gal. So I recommends that women and men wearing a fool hat it covers your ears and your neck is really important. For men too especially with shorter hair the back that it read. Final lot of skin cancer on the lap of a little points that covering the head and ears and chat. Are pretty much it sounds like the vital part of yours into Cutler and sew clothing is really my favorite if I'm outside I'm. Might be as prepared as possible with a couple of hiking walking around Southern California working out I try to Wear it this kind of pop like Nike may. That zips up here. However that act and it Nathan and they're not asking too hot and I'm not at PF great clothing it's something by anywhere but as yet. Great clothing it's also great thing for companies Putney. Really cute clothing now so I might have every aspect and one for people who may not be familiar with that term that me it's just clothing that has that is certified. Two provided certain. As Pia. Did it that. We being that material and it creating certain protective factor. That's happening that they would be that with housing and its periodic really good at perfecting of materials they computer items. Site you think protecting the chest protecting the shoulders wearing longer sleeve important. Even in this pop it wraps around on top of the hands. So women care about this more than men also more and more men do as well. That aging in the hands can be a factor and the arms or skin here actually shows a lot of our age. And I've had this well so wanna be. Mean late thirties or early forties and want to improve the appearance. Again and it's really really hard to reverse that damage such fried people. As early as you can't start protecting Matt and so fuel put sunscreen on it's important but also made use kind of wrap. The ban even that. And it didn't hear lying out you can. That covered about stressing about. Having the regiment sunscreen on line in this again at night like McCain element here that I don't get you caught being outside his very light waves I don't feel hotter wearing bent it may affect company called Le bar with. Which also made the hat. And they have a lot of product at this everything that is young man on that we had seven years. At like the injury is also very fact that meeting when it the first thing though if you're thinking on and the other place that make sure probably not to get on the chat not to get on the hand sounds like he. Want to avoid those wrinkles and that's lead you got it being attacked it. Now my question is what you want to get them Holler at me just about lay out for ten minute. No sun screen and come back it back to sit imaging is being out that the time now. Or at all I it does matter I think for everybody we have different in type and something like Annie get read a lot faster and people with a lot more hollered and a lot more pigment. And as soon you start getting red bats went off they'd and it starts her. And that's way yet. Photo AP infinity from UV radiation or that he. Damage that leads in cancers so you don't want it. It Kirby it picked about six minutes. In every Perth and so let's look at some of these examples and skiing and have here but I found it interesting speaking earlier is being greedy right ingredients are important although most of the sun screens on the shelves have. Same few ingredients in the so you break it out easily and ones with being. And whines. About what a look at them hope. It then he. Ears and raid on the cover there it has 21%. Think with his race but many of them have only three to 5%. And when you put god is actually quite here. Matthew rabbit and it's not buy it now looks really white and but he wrapping it in. It's not terrible though the per cent is important to notice as well I I think over 5% thing. Is important though some products like make ups may have 1% but probably not happen action with the and all public pop then found at yep I think at yes that teen on I think every morning. But again guilty of not re applying. Not wearing at a thirty year high which is what you recommend it. I means that many of the sun screens the chemicals that means battery you know products Laurie make up. They do need to be verified about every hours otherwise big break down. When their the and nobody's really doing. Which is why it started out saying that's been the least effective form of sun protection because we do have a fall ball security with it. Although it's better than having nothing on race. So re applying it's important. And also apply enough support so a look at coming here and seeing it at the authority that it a lot of it eat eat eat and after thirty how much difference between again there any. Any part. That adage that thirty unit it's great if he's probably too low. Right get there the end of fear radically having more than thirty maybe 506070. I'm the product. Provide longer protection. And that. That he's so the higher than number maybe better but most importantly. Apply. Re apply quiet and apply everyone to keep average every ivory want to keep our office not to net the spotlight it might personally I seen like. Spray bottle all although helmet back to read those are those. Less effective than riding in an everywhere authority to do the same at three different things that light now I understand I think. What I like about race that people may and that using sunscreen if they have that option especially men being athletic for. We don't like to rob creams and like I picked it I just. I think that the needs to use the spray. And high side I'm supportive and that's then because they might apply after one hour planes board. And I think if you apply it liberally. And you're an erection that you know all areas you're pretty careful about somebody might hear back in the back arm. I think I think there you don't want to inhale them so probably don't use around small children. You know trying opted out and let I thank you can it as a as well I like sixteen because you don't get re the so women are a little more incidents but a lot of women don't like for the state. You help you. Have an option weary just kind of quickly put a dime. And I don't have to get my hands dirty side lots states there are a lot of the six. New treaty appeared babies another one this and other mineral sunscreen stick that. It's also easy to kind of put into your little workout pants that threat until lululemon. Like being our story. I liked that better than any of the other products for on ago. No and the two ingredients and just remind people where it is being that in have often titanium dioxide those are excellent because they provide broad. Spectrum protections they've really covered as a whole range of UB ABB. And they work right away that considered physical blockers so they kind of deflect sunlight so light which is kind of bounce off. We're at the chemical. You know this product here or a lot of the Coppertone and taking a product. And even in this line. Those sunscreens have to rub into your skin and be applied about twenty minutes before you go out. But that's still look good sun spree again they have to be applied more. And. Did you go for aiding and it how to draft my pop up here and bite you recommended that that. But they try on the hat again covering the eight years and that cat I like the color that you have. I'm get it hate this and also meet here. Apparently wraparound thing. How much that covering your child again that he can be here at now a lot of again. Alfred hunt you did it it mattered that visible light is healthy rate of hippocampus. That they put on of the little wary of that I lead. That I have a gag hotter but I actually feel like it's pulling me down covering my feet and covering my test they feel cooler already. And then of course have a decent catch up with the pain as well. Are again I'd I do love the thinking titanium dioxide products that are physical blockers. Also they don't have the chemicals that they discussed with a lot of people are concerned about you safety wise but while we're still doing a lot of research if you wanna be say. It's probably better to had towards this naked titanium product at this time although more research is always. Some of these are my favorite product is impeded. Think something rotten came kids I don't look quite like. Being from Jean. This product. It. It's kind of like even in the most although some of my male patients use it to two things don't look whites. And you rub it in hand. It's different then you hear. A little like you're wearing something either way but it provides actually more of them landed collar. So help and he is one of those that have a high percent. And look roach who say it and other brands that's available at all that major pharmacies. It's a little more expensive but I dispute this on my days. And it is also just on the weekends I'm easily in the office during that we. Though that this might go to school for all the on the weekend. I think people and some great pet than just a dermatologist either apple that it and that you fed ease the a lot of and hand and hit it here on the head and like years and are there any of the things that people should be aware of and it. In can turn them getting old there and eating it protected. But so sun protection is helpful for waiting wrinkles loss she skin pigmentation. Just talked about aging not related to already being in the sun and I think as you get older Knight apparently for pat you know decrease in can't. Being California for the past thirty years they keep saying it's important to be protected now. You know we're just getting eaten now that he knows how much. You know growing apple being in the sun has affected that I'm right right now I think we do get a lot of sun damage early in our lives. Man later you were busy working or maybe not even outside as much but people feel are outside a lot and the people who. Feel our golfing all day without some protection if seeing doing things outside construction work we filthy. A lot more thing cancer and those because he you'd be greedy she keeps accumulating over time. And people who start. You do get a (%expletive) cancer get scared and start being really good about the hat from the closing Medicaid funds mean. We feel less cancer over time in those people so it does make it different. No matter Wang's start your life to start being a lot more. Me greatly gang to those last minutes at look at the ingredient. Re apply every one to two hours and extreme gravity income at any spot where that protective clothing if anything out and they think. I think I mean I think that's good if you just trying to watch yourself checked here's and buying up something for the farmers don't forget it home care fall. By enough patent that you like to Wear and just trying to get happy and very collier family members as well think creature you thought it meant a great. At rent thinking so much for watching again are healthy living for primary theory you could find more on eat eat he needs dot com or to have an article about. Being here he eat at. Think you so much for watching over the past.

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{"id":48709722,"title":"How to keep your skin safe in the summer sun","duration":"14:08","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith talks to Dr. Adriana Schmidt about shielding skin from sun damage.","url":"/Health/video/skin-safe-summer-sun-48709722","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}