Teen Hit and Run Victim's Heart Saves Friend's Life

15-year-old Skylar Marion's organs were donated to four people, including his friend Kyle.
2:19 | 05/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Hit and Run Victim's Heart Saves Friend's Life
-- pumping feet are turning sweat. And parts are pounding they are -- -- to help the family thrown off to saddle. The past three weeks and sat parts longing for fifteen year old cyber -- again. Younger brother Sam is spinning the pedals for Altria mob boys -- -- -- -- The story begins on the bike where Skyler bonded with Kyle workers -- also fifteen is also from. Weeks ago. And rushed to the University of Maryland medical -- Kyle was fighting for his life at the same hospital. He went -- heart failure in February. And they couldn't there was no getting him out of heart failure and without medicine or transplants -- and talk to Scott are -- -- -- And I just asked them but I gotta feel want to cross may. That it was up -- OK to donate his body but these two parents never knew they were in the same hospital helping their sons -- -- line. But Skyler was on life support and his dad was forced to make a decision. One day after he died -- got a chance to live. To a heart transplant at the University of Maryland but it's bittersweet like I'd rather my -- still be waiting for a heart and -- still be here. You know. It's just it's hard to parents learned about their connection after the surgery. -- -- -- -- -- does. There's another part of this story the one that keeps police busy looking for a vehicle like this one. A Ford Expedition and that is at least ten years old. Police say the driver left the scene on busy mountain where you're still -- that -- -- still walking. Come forward. And -- this except what's gonna come it's Tyler's dad drives around with this billboard and an electronic line is part time for small room. -- And -- raise money for the Marion Stanley. -- one heart that will forever connect him. BC family split double took this shot away from -- and god wanted to discredit him around.

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{"id":19125019,"title":"Teen Hit and Run Victim's Heart Saves Friend's Life","duration":"2:19","description":"15-year-old Skylar Marion's organs were donated to four people, including his friend Kyle.","url":"/Health/video/teen-hit-and-run-victims-heart-saves-friends-life-19125019","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}