Terminally Ill Man Takes On Marathon Towing Oxygen Tank

Evans Wilson wants people to know about pulmonary fibrosis.
2:12 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Terminally Ill Man Takes On Marathon Towing Oxygen Tank
Training for any long distance race is tough but tackling 26 point two miles I'll just be glad it's over that's downright grueling. He gets overlooked give me now about it. Three years ago I can barely make it in the Carrasco from from the partridge. Evans Wilson has pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Simply collect his lungs are scarred they don't process oxygen well. It's progressive. Andy are reversible. It's Knight did from my heart to do a lot of really. Your thigh and leg distance work. My doctors have cleared me do this event but they're not thrilled about it. Evans used to run competitively logging one mile in less than five minutes. Now a mile can take him almost an Al war but he's built up stamina on the streets and at the jet. In on Sunday he will walk this Seattle marathon towing oxygen along the way. Fifth. Yes of course will close but he'll continue on an estimated thirteen to sixteen hours until he's done. His goal Reese 50000 dollars for the pulmonary fibrosis. Station you don't have any pulmonary fibrosis survivor parties. Because tyranny and third with the terminal disease. Some people. Takes quicker some people it takes longer. By the the end result in news all the same. Hope lies in a lung transplants but dozens of people are on U dub medical center's transplant list. And Evans knows the lists are shorter elsewhere. I've lived here. Virtual in my entire life but it's more important amino live. Didn't live and keep living here. Very. And so on Sunday he'll finish a race for so many others who have theirs cut short one breast. It one step. One mylan time. People live pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis. Are expected to live for three years and a look for five. And I don't plan and check in on anything so. Kelly took news Como news.

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{"id":43828036,"title":"Terminally Ill Man Takes On Marathon Towing Oxygen Tank","duration":"2:12","description":"Evans Wilson wants people to know about pulmonary fibrosis.","url":"/Health/video/terminally-ill-man-takes-marathon-towing-oxygen-tank-43828036","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}