Thanksgiving COVID-19 warning

Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC guidance to stay home amid a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases.
5:08 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for Thanksgiving COVID-19 warning
Infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran and joins us now from war on its common nineteen risks over the holiday doctor on good morning you know people. Are traveling for Thanksgiving what what do they do once they reached their destination or what shouldn't they do. When they get there and when they get back home. Good morning Diane is always going to be would you so content. Here's a model to help people remember and be important prevention measures each Thanksgiving. Day visitors matter. So than tea and Thanksgiving day's test. Ideally you want to be tested before. You reach the family. Before he reached a household and then after when you return. TD shouldn't Thanksgiving is here in Washington. We've been saying that prolonged time. In day Thanksgiving Day that GE is distancing physical distancing it is important how can you can't do that car right pitcher with another person but when you get to proposal to tables ideally should be spread apart no one table people around Thanksgiving Day visit earns good fees ventilation. Opened the windows and cars as your traveling opened the windows in the household work earlier go and then Thanksgiving Day visitors matter. And is masks. Masks indoors and very importantly no multiple studies masking can reduce transmission by as much as 70% that's a big number. So we remember those things you know we should be eating eating and good shape. Thanksgiving Day visitors mattered by doing these things we can show the people Wear around that they matter ray she. So how do you anticipate this. Thanksgiving and acting and the so called courage how can gatherings affect other. The upcoming holidays and when we talk about the current of course about overwhelming hold your system and he thinks. Well Diane one of my concerns is despite everything I just said before is that Thanksgiving isn't time wind you know ultimately gets together and push you know you're as close as possible as a unit and I'm just afraid despite our our. You know cautioning the a lot of people are going to be close at a distance unmasked inside and each and so remember we've seen after Memorial Day after the fourth of July we she did after Labor Day there's been major surge isn't right now we just heard we've seen over 2000 deaths in the United States in the single day we're seeing around 200000. Cases in a single day. Our baseline is unacceptably high are really afraid over the next months in between Thanksgiving and Christmas we're gonna she's a major surges. And what do you think happens come Christmas time many don't know that for people who are making the sacrifice your Thanksgiving. Are they gonna have to do this all over again and amongst them. It's a really good clean what you're saying Brighton who what I do affects you when you do effects and ease some of us are going on trial or else buy if we gave it. You know if infection prevention measures are uneven it is inevitable that we're going to be and a potentially our plays come Christmas how I'm really afraid if we continue with business as usual were releasing some shut downs. How are going to just. It's just gotten worse and are condemning action Teague and are pinned to her frustration. The CDC is reportedly going to shorten its recommended for nineteen times for people exposed to code in nineteen as we heard you mention and this I get since the efficacy vs effectiveness read a quarantine is only affecting the people gonna actually doing it so. What do we know about the changes and what do you think. So I'm I'm blue in Massachusetts so overwhelmed our state has shows changes. Aren't seeking guidance from fourteen days until ten days and I'll explain that she's so I think in this is based on what they knew this CDC was what is going so how. The improved artisans aegis quarantining people don't quarantine of Cuba quarantined fatigue and frustration. And does not helpful the hope is by decreasing. From fourteen days down to potentially ten days or or seventy attending we have to see where the CDC lands ash that more people to it and will ultimately be more doctor okay so what we know what 90% of people developed symptoms by daytime. That's important so what Massachusetts has done things that you test negative. But I 88 so you need to test a mediator. Is that many of us it takes about 48 hours to get to test result and by date and you come off quarantine assuming that you have no symptoms. So they're not just arbitrarily shortening the time their doing it in a way where they think they'll still get a good amount of people limited. And they will know why and then if you are not. Exactly right they're trying to find that sweet spot between what's going to protect the public. And where people actually going to abide by it. All right it's a tricky business after Todd now we appreciate your help and triggering a sell out and dining us have a great holiday we don't see you know thank you giving them.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC guidance to stay home amid a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74398380","title":"Thanksgiving COVID-19 warning","url":"/Health/video/thanksgiving-covid-19-warning-74398380"}