Transgender 6-Year-Old Wins Bathroom Case

Mother of Coy Mathis "extremely happy" her daughter will be treated equally after Colorado ruling.
4:17 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Transgender 6-Year-Old Wins Bathroom Case
Good afternoon everyone thank you for being here my name is Michael Silverman -- executive director. The transgender legal defense and education fund we are based in New York City. -- -- she sees dead people on the stage of course holding my hand is point map this next to her as her mom Katherine. We have -- next step -- we have Macs though we've Florian and -- I'm sorry there we have Max in the background. Dad Jeremy and we had to code. Behind me on my left we have -- the Whipple from the gender identity senator Colorado. She's gonna make -- few comments again and a couple of other community members who were kind enough to be with us here today. So we're here today to announce a victory when Mathis is cases many -- you remember. Her school. Refused to -- -- -- the girl's bathroom back in December and we filed suit last February the Colorado division of civil rights. Has issued a momentous ruling. And sounding voice neighbor on all counts at her school had discriminated against him. It -- a high water mark for transgender rights for the rights transgender students in Colorado and and elsewhere. The school founded by denying -- the right to use the little girls restroom like all the other little girls and sport -- created an environment that was hostile. Discriminatory. And unsafe. Boy was treated in what was referred to as an exceptional way in which limited her educational opportunities. In the end we've been saying from the start the boy wants the same dignity respect and opportunity. And deserves that as every other student in Colorado and the state of Colorado has now said that's exactly what she deserves. So I'm very excited about the decision we're gonna answer all your questions about what it means. What the future holds but for right now I just wanna turn it over to captain -- to -- -- -- comments. Schools should not discriminate against students -- -- very thrilled things. Mountain -- is able to return to school -- have the same race. That all of the other girls had that she should have had innocent and imported by a lot to begin with and it's. Per share a happy actually. Going to be treated equally dangerous -- vision for coming to this conclusion. They are very grateful to -- to Colorado from pretty -- slides into the face to begin. There's thousands of feelings like -- across the country and -- should have to fight for their children. -- basic respect for every child should have seen opportunities to drive his every other child. We hope -- to witness trailing every changing your child's throughout the state will -- -- Comments. My name's crystal football and -- Michelson and I am the president for the gender identity center of Colorado. Today is an incredible days in the back. Quake -- this -- case came out the way that it. Colorado has shown once again that it completely supports the rights and equal rights of the transgender me. I can't even begin to tell you how much that means the community as a whole. Not to mention the fact that we can now tell our children as they don't have to be afraid of who they are when they go to school so that they can learn to become adults in the society. Think you have a wonderful day. Thank you -- -- couple marked comments I know some of these questions will come out what happens next. The did assistant all right says his city its first ruling in the case. Many of you are aware that boy's sister Lily -- has special medical needs in order to address those needs the Stanley has moved up to the Denver area. We do not expect the boy is going to be returning to school Eagles side elementary regardless of this ruling what that means is at a -- as a practical matter. We do not. Want her school to continue this fight if they choose to continue despite its apparent that they're doing it just because they want to pick a -- with the transgender community in Colorado. We are not aware of any other transgender student that goes to -- side elementary we want this case to end here. Boy is going back to school at a new school where she can meet new friends and move on with her life. We're hoping that this is the end point in the school chooses to fight on their many layers and levels of appeal. We will continue this TV and because boy is going to be a public school students in this -- And we're going to do everything we can to ensure that today's decision remains the law of the land in Colorado.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Mother of Coy Mathis \"extremely happy\" her daughter will be treated equally after Colorado ruling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"19475381","title":"Transgender 6-Year-Old Wins Bathroom Case","url":"/Health/video/transgender-6-year-old-wins-bathroom-case-19475381"}