UNDERGROUND: Why This Transgender Woman Used Black Market Drugs to Transition

Why some buy hormones and injections from strangers and people on the street.
7:05 | 05/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UNDERGROUND: Why This Transgender Woman Used Black Market Drugs to Transition
I've been using my car insurance caution on my entire life. I don't think the black market Jones helped me in the hand. They saved my life. He kind of I was able to transition without asking anyone to turn this. A man and then I bottom block. That's and they money. And fourteen. Four. Okay. I think it is difficult because I never found a way. By. Contrast likable with applicable. To perform likable and when I first heard Kansas and of course in the midwest. And then I third hang out with more of the growth through to him to track. Hand and that's and I started finding. Birth control. And harm. And I. She could have surgeries. Different things you can to arguments about it so that you could fit into society. And path. That was only the girl. You could draw a line. Through whatever social network you choose to use. Could always go to where the girls work. I think work on the street and make their mind to survive. And those girls music can tell you where the hormones. Stopped car and we're just Telecom. That we're everything back. And that's use you where you. That's going to. Where girl who works on the she took is a little sketchy because usually it's a location that you're not familiar way and so it's really. Dark on the ground have gone out there and rob trying to get their arms around. There's a group of growth and that's all they know there and there. 405060. Years how they've probably gotten it but it's scary good sometimes I mean and when I was younger. Got much time between parked car. Apparently something just because that's gonna for the dad. Dropping or get my mail from. Com always needed a line and just enjoy myself. It's where peeing. We are determined to do it reminds him much. It I am. And I am. There's a time when. Word death hers than this boy. And there's a time when you know you're going to be this woman. That time between. The hard time. This is the time to fight for this time that society. Movie. Fired from job you did not hire. Sean Adams. King yeah. Then maybe. For her to my body have. And the main reason for the silicone is suspect in the heart patient in his system can and I need perhaps. The idea when. Third from. First to the parents and plastic surgery so firstly we're addictive for him time. Their cheeks and they're tuned. These sturgeon whose car and truck. For good things right. Griffin's plastic surgery it's a permanent station. And who. A. It's. We have to have. Who from a doctor. Approval from the insurance company and letters to prove. Just to star home hand. Most places won't give you hormones that she's been living at the girl. For like a couple months of the year. I feel good hormone from from a prescription owner is not derived from terms of a stronger. I just knew that actually wouldn't. Hit it from mindful that the only way to get from the boy to the one who could. Could that space in between so hard. When I can Fe about who. Boy probably be. Third position. The little boy is that I'm very happen. Then he was stronger arm to survive and what. To allow me to be home to. So many times people don't. History you know. Their histories who threw the arm right now and when they're dying no announcement. Remembered anything here. And I think from my camera moments kick around. They're always keep him. And they will. Tough really tough people are both here.

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{"id":38682599,"title":"UNDERGROUND: Why This Transgender Woman Used Black Market Drugs to Transition","duration":"7:05","description":"Why some buy hormones and injections from strangers and people on the street.","url":"/Health/video/underground-transgender-woman-black-market-drugs-transition-38682599","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}