Unvaccinated Girl Blocked From Kindergarten

A Staten Island, N.Y., mom fears chicken pox vaccine could put baby sister at risk.
1:43 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Unvaccinated Girl Blocked From Kindergarten
Elizabeth Wagner is heartbroken. Her five year old daughter Frankie it was spent yet another day at home today after she was kicked out of kindergarten. At PS 36 on Staten Island. The Department of Education is refusing to allow a little girl to return until she's vaccinated for chicken pox. But Frankie Elizabeth has a newborn sister. And the family doctor is refusing to back to date Frankie Elizabeth because of the remote risk of an allergic reaction. At that the -- Could be coming -- if the two companies to cult. The doctors tell me could be home bolt for the baby. Like -- said even if it's a small -- I don't want to take the kids and give me any of the power. That would take -- kids with their newborn. I'm not willing to take that chance. Tonight the Department of Education told us the medical exemption was to -- after a thorough review with the parent and the students doctor. A student can be excluded from school for not having the required vaccines. End quote I know they're saying they made a decision at this speaking with the docked -- and the parent -- it's completely -- Elizabeth plans to appeal to the State of New York for a waiver. And -- Elizabeth. Says she really wants to be back at school why do you want to go back to school. -- -- -- -- -- But the Department of Education is -- tonight citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which says there is no reason not to vaccinated child. In a situation like this one -- in -- -- on Staten Island NJ -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18915228,"title":"Unvaccinated Girl Blocked From Kindergarten","duration":"1:43","description":"A Staten Island, N.Y., mom fears chicken pox vaccine could put baby sister at risk.","url":"/Health/video/unvaccinated-girl-blocked-kindergarten-18915228","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}