US to fall short of Biden's July 4 vaccination goal

The White House COVID-19 response team said Tuesday that 70% of U.S. adults will not be partially vaccinated by the summer holiday
4:33 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for US to fall short of Biden's July 4 vaccination goal
Today I want to report on the progress we're making in our fight to end tandem. Specifically as it relates the president's goals for July 4. In March and the one year anniversary of the start of the pandemic. And less than two months after taking office president Biden provided Americans and update. I'm the whole of government after he was mobilizing to defeat the virus. And set what at the time to make an audacious goal for the country's. Independence from cove in nineteen I delightful. The president was clear about what achieving this Thierry impish school require. First we need to build on the work we began on January 20. Taking additional bold steps to make vaccines even more accessible. To all Americans and to further accelerate. The pace of vaccinations. And second we needed every American to do their part. He said quote. If we do all this if we do our part. If we do this together. By July the fourth there's a good chance you. Your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard. Were in your neighborhood in have a cookout and celebrate Independence Day. He say that this would not mean large events with lots of people together. But rather with small groups of close friends and am. Just three months later look it we are we are. We have succeeded beyond our highest expectations. Instead of just small backyard gatherings. America is getting ready for it truly historic fourth of July. With large celebrations planned communities across the country. We have already met the president 70% goal for all US adults thirty and older. That's right for those ages thirty and about 70%. Have at least one shot. We got here because the president treated this as he wartime effort. Built a whole of government response to defeat to defeat the pandemic. Can mobilize steeped in local governments the private. And nonprofit sectors and asked every American. To join this fight. As a result we are close to cheating to aspiration oh goals we set for July 4. The first goal was related to percentage of adults who have at least one shot. By July 4. We asked Americans state and local governments. And the private sector to help get to 70%. Of all it's also the least one shot by July 4. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia. Have already met the school. And let's remember when the president took office we were at approximately 5%. Of adults with one shot. So in just five months we've been racing from 5%. To 70%. Based on today's estimates were on track to hit the 70% tarter that there's each 27 and want and over. Once the data for the July 4 holiday weekend usefully. So as struggles set me percent for all adults. We're gonna hit for adults 27 and older. This is amazing progress and has our country returning to normal much sooner. In anyone could have predicted. We're the country is more work to do. Is particularly with eighteen to 26 rules. The reality is many younger Americans have felt like that it nineteen is not something that impacts them. Indeed in less eager to get the shot. Power with the delta variant now spreading across the country and effecting younger people won't lie. It's more important and never that they get vaccinated. We are working with state and local leaders to reach them. If it'll take a few extra weeks to get to 70% of all adults with the least one shot. With the eighteen to 26 year olds factored. Now Abu involved in this effort knows. In a president has said repeatedly our work does not stop on July 4 or at seven U percent. But we use this aspiration and goals the dry progress in a very short period of time. Is taking it shoots collective effort. In we have made significant progress.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The White House COVID-19 response team said Tuesday that 70% of U.S. adults will not be partially vaccinated by the summer holiday","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78423704","title":"US to fall short of Biden's July 4 vaccination goal ","url":"/Health/video/us-fall-short-bidens-july-vaccination-goal-78423704"}