Utah mayor discusses COVID-19 emergency

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall talks about the stress on the city’s hospitals.
4:58 | 10/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Utah mayor discusses COVID-19 emergency
You talk. He is one of those states seeing an alarming spike in corona virus cases setting a new seven day record for new cases not positions last week you talk governor Gary Herbert said. In a striking statement over the weekend quote. Our hospitals are on the verge of being on able to meet the ever increasing demand for critical care there's too much at stake to give in to exhaustion or apathy. You tell us capitol and most populous city Salt Lake City the lovely Salt Lake city's been hit. Hartmann about 2000 new cases per day this weekend and we're lucky to have the mayor of Salt Lake City is joining us now for more on her city's response. To this growing crisis mayor Aaron Mendenhall. Thanks very much for being with us like so many state and local officials you are facing a real challenge here describe. What the state of play is how what the challenge looks like in Salt Lake City for you right now series has. We broke multiple records last week with new case numbers we are witness. Number that was 27%. Higher than our previous highest numbers and Steve Utah and sings our icu at the university you'd tell our hospitals regionally Tropicana and west at 99% of the house in the icu. They're nurses and doctors are working extended hours. Around the clock they are exhausted. And they're tragic part is that not Friday's numbers and her new cases hotline good and 99% of the ZU. Is not reflective of these numbers are hostile nations about a week two days later so 1960 numbers that we on Friday we're start seeing how those nations shall later this week or early next. We are in dire situation or the most vulnerable that we got our bench and we really need that teens we're hearing we know it's there are no everyone's tires. We've never and is Lawler bullets we are ready now to meet got to start acting differently. Well that is a very clear and dramatic description so we'll just for a layperson not a public health official when you hit capacity as you're talking about Indian hospitals. What kind of plans he made what what are the choices you are looking at and hospitals are looking at in Salt Lake City going forward so. You know the governor Easley is sure she'll hospital the National Guard at the reality is those beds to bring an additional that's created our hospitals. Don't do anything to stabilize their stacks puts nurses and doctors and nurse practitioners. And hospital staff twenty to 30%. From those staff having their own infections. Stayed home to treat family members who aren't. So we can't Athens and actually see much of the difference in terms of treatment. Even for people who need icu care. I'm and are not only patients those additional question nothing without hospital staff and that's that is right now when her greatest vulnerabilities. And every mayor minute hold one as we try to do here is go listen to people like yourself and others on the front lines of the big national stories here's what one nurse said. Hospital I know you know intermountain health care had to say to us. The toughest thing about taking care covered patients. Would be truly how sick some of them get us. How long it takes kind of recover. To see that every day just to continue their progress. Can be something worth celebrating. Some days are really gotten. And some days you gotta work and he really help or just someone doesn't. Plantation. So Merriman and all we listen to people like got another dozen of your constituents is those Frontline workers that psychological spiritual exhaustion and were. Oh what kind of challenge that way are you looking and how do you keep up morale. The ice thank you for sharing these stories because uniquely. Colored nineteen has created. And separation an installation. Art public doesn't see the suffering. The week that we have with other viruses that attack and he over the years. I close my eyes and imagine what the face of any patient looks like in the eighties which will see our minds portable looks like. We don't see cool and we don't CNN separation. Is absolutely to their detriment of our public right now so giving voice to what is happening. Just because we can't TV cameras into medical ward and makes it can actually show the public. I think it's incumbent on a pond. Sources like you and people who have called it should be able to prod cast the reality what is happening so that people may feel more compelled. To overcome their fatigue at this. Pandemic situation and did what we have to do right now. In order to keep our country and our cities. Ongoing struggle to get through this. Our mayor Aaron Mendenhall of Salt Lake City thank you good luck god bless we hope you and all in your city and state keep safe now. You.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall talks about the stress on the city’s hospitals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73842267","title":"Utah mayor discusses COVID-19 emergency","url":"/Health/video/utah-mayor-discusses-covid-19-emergency-73842267"}