'Vaccine hunters' helping people sign up to get vaccinated

How Facebook groups are becoming a vaccine appointment lifeline for many people.
5:12 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for 'Vaccine hunters' helping people sign up to get vaccinated
Been nearly three months since the first American got a Kobe vaccine dose but still those who qualified to get the vaccine. Are struggling to access them now so called vaccine hunters are popping up around the Internet to save the day. Offering tips and tricks to help thousands find appointment. Maryann young waste used to spend every day online looking for vaccine appointments but after weeks of searching she found nothing I have been looking for a vaccine. For a while now and I was hearing that other people and other states are getting a vaccine. And I started to get kind of worried and anxious about that because we hit not heard any gains but all that changed after she joined the Minneapolis vaccine hunters FaceBook group. Less than 48 hours later Marianne and her 74 year old husband. Had their first child. I'm just I'm elated we're sitting there. Waiting for our turn and I were kids you and I said can you believe in bringing we heard just heard. In what was going to happen that day the young boys ages two of the countless people now being held by so called vaccine hunters or vaccine angels strangers on the Internet helping people find vaccine appointments. To end goal is making sure that chopped. Arms. There are her priorities set to make sure that communities that are most impacted and that have the highest risk. Get them first but at the end of the day our biggest goal is to reach heard immunity into protecting entire community. After hearing about FaceBook groups in Tel Aviv alerting residents about expiring doses and Tulane university medical and public health student Brad Johnson created a similar FaceBook group for New Orleans the -- of vaccine hunters group then inspired others to start groups for their own areas. Including Colorado entrepreneur Doug ward. We have over 131000. Numbers across seized on a 48 is now I can get demonstrate. At a need and aren't a true need is seen as they figure out these these kind of rhymes and rhythms she you either find appointments or even excess vaccines. They're like I need help others. Before Daniel Patterson was helping strangers on fees but get vaccine appointments she is trying to make sure her elderly neighbors in West Philadelphia knew how to sign up. I live in the kind of community where people are not technologically savvy that they don't hair and probation and Michigan at all the way both of which is boorda mount. As a former candidate for state representative people came to Dan yell for help. And she found most of them vaccine appointments to the black doctors Coca consortium. Which aims to reduce corona virus among African Americans through education and advocacy they even provide transportation to vaccine appointments. A lot of people don't get any way to get the next. What a way to BDCs he got it over and around the very neighborhoods churches that people are very familiar with age well. Christina shirk was determined to get her 71 year old mother the vaccine as soon as he was available. After her father died from cold at last spring but she struggled to find an appointment until she joined in Maryland vaccine hunter FaceBook and started bringing a couple tips and tricks. You know the right idea where each. So how because I was. Those questions. You get any worse and people who are against let. When she got an appointment for her mother and other elderly family members Christie then helped her daughter's preschool teachers booked their appointments. Now she's scheduled vaccine appointments for eight other Maryland residents through the FaceBook group she originally joints to get her own questions answered. Once he's he had not people who are currently eligible the end you realize how frustrating is that I was. You can't how try and help Ben. Get an appointment. In college students Sylvia Palo started her vaccine search when her grandparents and other elderly relatives face technology challenges and a language barrier every. This strictly English there's nothing that translated translate that into a different language such as eat. As out of their children or their relatives and community or them because they don't know get the information. Registration was or. So far Sylvia has helped nearly twenty people who speak only Spanish get vaccinated through the Houston vaccine hunters group. Her efforts inspired by her mom. Who volunteered to be part of the matier and a vaccine trials. Must not go and take the vaccine when it was still a clinical trials. Com that's what it. Prompted me to do want to make sure the all of my essays. The young quit safe for them vaccine hunters have been a lifeline especially now that they're waiting the birth of their second granddaughter in April. And will be fully vaccinated by the time she's born I feel like we're getting part of our lives back and you know that's priceless news. And if you are looking for a vaccine you can also that a vaccine finder dot or its online portal to help locate Cohen in nineteen vaccine doses in your area our thanks to all the vaccine hunters. And everyone else to share their story with us.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"How Facebook groups are becoming a vaccine appointment lifeline for many people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76236376","title":"'Vaccine hunters' helping people sign up to get vaccinated ","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-hunters-helping-people-sign-vaccinated-76236376"}