Vaccine Watch: Navigating signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff examines the process and potential improvements to signing up for a vaccine as eligibility expands amid a bumpy rollout across the country.
5:22 | 01/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: Navigating signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine
Amid a bumpy roll out in recent weeks more Americans are now eligible to get a Coke at nineteen vaccine in many states so how can you navigate the process. Bob Woodruff has the answer in this week's vaccine watch. Amidst the chaos Kobe cases have surged to new heights we'll. And a search for potentially life saving vaccines. Americans have met long lines broken web sites and confusion. Department. Can. So far nearly thirty million doses have been sent to the states but only 101000001. Doses injected into people's arms. How do you feel when we see these frustrations from people said he just can't get. You just can't get. Its devastating we have hamburger there the greatest scientific achievement of our lifetimes in original witness who have this vaccine. And then all of a sudden. We can't get it to people some now pointing to potential faults in the current distribution method. You want the facility today and future our first house you send us your court you. To address the slow roll out the trump adminstration this week says it'll release all doses to states. Rather than reserving the second dose with hopes that by the time you're due for that second require dose. There will be more in stock while many support the move this is for small really didn't good moved on. Trees r.s art some experts say vaccine supply is not the only problem. I don't see sliding market with a lot more vaccine is necessarily. Can assaults on these problems we have hundreds and thousands. The Asians aren't too. Gamecube. And register and ensure that you have enough supply. Route and all. Bottleneck is also a clinics pharmacies and local health departments often understaffed and potentially underfunded. Now tasked with getting these vaccines out into the community. It's not surprising that she challenges in narrow. Especially as we're relying on the same people better artist Fritz and only ten and under fund is really good luck in summation. I just don't really any wonder we see their centers. Now tech companies are stepping in to try to help local health departments hospitals and pharmacies. Cope with massive demand for these vaccines. We'd lost secures order which is situated in a lot of Asians too long and head into rule themselves com. Out into its time slot pharmacy hasn't really. But even these tech companies admit the online approach will be challenging for the nation's elderly. Or people with limited computer access this car. Imagine you don't want you to find your own grandmother get a website trying to. Finally. Oakland streets are to meet this in order Ladoux reports are so these minute problems talk about what some solutions a public health it's not known first deployments. And so working with you know companies that know how to build. I have digital tools especially in the booking in appointment arena right like cash and brighter certainly amongst your music more all. They are all our advertising facts he take more of their meals or corporate after my father wants to find out if he needed vaccine. What does he didn't. There is no single school will provide that. To your parent swords every every state is different every state. For those trying to navigate the process these tech experts recommended a few simple steps. Once online your first step is your local public Health Department web site. There you should be able to see if you are eligible for the vaccine based on your community's priorities nation schedule second stop. Booking in appointment he might be able to do this from your Health Department web site or a third party web site like sock doctor. Or there may even be a phone hotline if you manage to schedule an appointment show up at the scheduled time but there could be a weight. The incoming Biden administration has promised 100 million injections. And the first 100 days in office. Hastened by a growing number of mass vaccination centers and delivery of more doses every day. There's only one home yeah. I have that it affects is forgiving the Washington DC that's just my book room where we're providing. By the time we get to this week to give episode could Dell's per week. And hoping to streamline this process with other online tools runner platform called taxi finder which is government resource the federal level they will go live in the coming weeks to allow people trigger where they can go to get back to use their communities. And companies like and live in hell are working on a more proactive outreach. There were remind people when it's their turn to sign off. Soon essentially the only text message from XYZ pharmacies chain. Words were worth your time this week's funeral and Europe and saw her real rule these rule serious moral cruel active outreach persons are reactive. I would say if any generated early Hanks Heidi try to keep doing the basic non partisan war interventions. I think her receipt you know in the coming weeks months a real change the way that words jetting back to talk to people so Knox from his heart was. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the vaccine.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff examines the process and potential improvements to signing up for a vaccine as eligibility expands amid a bumpy rollout across the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75237773","title":"Vaccine Watch: Navigating signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-navigating-signing-covid-19-vaccine-75237773"}