Vision Spring Gets Glasses to Those in Need

Find out how this one organization has distributed over 2 million glasses.
5:14 | 11/24/15

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Transcript for Vision Spring Gets Glasses to Those in Need
Are we are going to jump across the globe. Two touch on one of the subjects that I have enjoyed covering on Good Morning America the most and that's that's global health. It's been a passion for me in my career at CDC. Thanks to the gates foundation I was able to take our cameras around the globe several years ago to show the impact. People were having on on help from very simple measures and one of the programs that I featured with something called the agents break. And their mission is to restore sight to something that's incredibly simple. It's it's eyeglasses reading glasses it giving people I'd check ups so that they can live a normal life in. You're you're looking or soon to be looking at a live picture. Of one of their clinics in in India and we try to bring that out. OK so this is excellent. Lie in in India high can you hear me that I. Hi how you do what what are we what are we seeing there in in in your clinic in India. Shop well as we. This is where. Are our opt matches to stitching. And we have on our. I screening Internet camera it sideways and you turned your camera never yup but yeah. Perfect yet. So we have Larry I screening happening here this is our ought to matches. So we have picked this location. Acted ovens none of Delhi and he have. Age group who have come as you can see that. Our sites and OED is. And this is maybe to stents are eyeglasses. It's still just. Yet Carly looks. It's a very good up terror. Encouraging. He's saying he's got manager of the of the initiatives they're going. We're gonna come back to you that I wanted to show a piece that I I shot a vision spring. In in Bangladesh and that you get a sense of of the of the work that they do there it was absolutely incredible to see. How they were able to transform the lives. Four a a a man who had worked as a carpenter. When I heard about this site I had to see for myself. In here it is a backpack on a patch of dirt. In rural Bangladesh. A program started by enemy Eric is about to give this woman her life. Upon a seamstress who could no longer record needles but minutes after putting on a pair of glasses. A very good it can't. It's been five years since beating death. Was it hard to hammer the nails. Where do popular middle aged carpenter whose hands artery paying the price for his failing site get your hands here here and get them. Guess yet five minutes later scene. And police. It's. Here rural Bangladesh these glasses are like goals because if you can't see you can't work and if you can't work you and your family cannot survive. Millions of people around the world lose their productivity. Loser quality of life because they can't see. Jordan Casanova was in New York a contract and the founder revisionist thing. A global program that sends which you find for cheap and American drugstores to thousands of trained help work. Revision spring does is deliver those eyeglasses. The people who were too poor to afford them throughout the world. Vision screen buys those reading glasses involved in the patients pay about two dollars about half a day's wages. If you hadn't had classes what would have happened to. She tells me if I didn't have classes I would lose my job. And my new carpenter friend only minutes after getting his new classes he's hammering away. Building a new house in a new life for his family. That is by far the most rewarding and fun part of my work. That universal look of surprise when the Weaver puts on a pair of glasses for the first time in twenty years and I'm working here. How is it changed your life and yeah. I put it behind the woman selling the glasses tells me I was able to send my children to school. Before this I was poor and unemployed. New Jehane was illiterate supporters health care train. Now she's a local celebrity. She earns twenty cents for every pair she sells the woman who has created this business she had a backpack and she her glasses. And she was a respected part of that community we call under double whammy we're we both create livelihoods. And sustain livelihoods and their vision and its president. We are looking to change the world and one pair of glasses and. The are we able to go back to average eat in in in India. That was that was a terrific story from Bangladesh showing how something as simple as reading glasses that we get. At the at the corner store can can can change a life.

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{"id":35396184,"title":"Vision Spring Gets Glasses to Those in Need","duration":"5:14","description":"Find out how this one organization has distributed over 2 million glasses.","url":"/Health/video/vision-spring-glasses-35396184","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}