At least 44 dead after earthquake strikes Mexico

The earthquake caused extensive damage to Mexico City.
1:29 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for At least 44 dead after earthquake strikes Mexico
Breaking news and Mexico we've just learned that at least 42 people are now dead from an earthquake near Mexico City Louisiana's following developments from the newsroom listing. We'll shoddy this seven point 1 magnitude. Quake struck central Mexico which is centered in weightless state. That's about 76 south miles south east of Mexico City. Drone video shows us one section of the capital city where several buildings have collapsed rescue teams are now searching for trapped residents at least. 42 people have been killed so far and an own untold number of people have been. Birdies at but I thousands of what had a sort personal rant on his swing high rises in Mexico City for the city's airport has now suspended operations due to possible damage. Dramatic video is emerging chilling dubbed moment the quake extra rock. That map. No we learn that we give up. You're looking at a television station in Mexico City news they we're broadcasting live when the quake struck the anchor jumped under the desk. As the entire studio shook and workers scrambled for cover this is the latest in a string of recent quakes to hit Mexico. And in an eerie who we incidents today's large quake rattled Mexico the same day. As the deadly earthquake of 1985. In Mexico City that one registered a magnitude eight and left some 101000. Dead.

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{"id":49962265,"title":"At least 44 dead after earthquake strikes Mexico","duration":"1:29","description":"The earthquake caused extensive damage to Mexico City.","url":"/International/video/44-dead-earthquake-strikes-mexico-49962265","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}