700K People Displaced in Phillipines

Aid pours in from all over the world, but getting it to victims is difficult.
1:13 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for 700K People Displaced in Phillipines
I spent the afternoon with our Marines on an osprey delivery food water and medical supplies. 700000. People have been displaced throughout the islands -- central Philippines. From island to island we made seven stops even refueling in the air from a KC 130 to save time. Timing is everyone's concerned here they are still so many stranded in their remote -- six days since the typhoon hit. At the sight and sound -- -- people swarmed towards them landing zone while local police tried to control the crowd. The weather today it's perfect for surveillance. Our pilot spotted new isolated village with no trees that -- side of devastation. Luckily there's a soccer field just big enough for our osprey to land he makes note to go back tomorrow with eight Fox's. Aid is pouring in from all over the world but the challenge here is logistic. The matter of getting these goods to the right people at the right time to you -- BC news in this.

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{"id":20896386,"title":"700K People Displaced in Phillipines","duration":"1:13","description":"Aid pours in from all over the world, but getting it to victims is difficult.","url":"/International/video/700k-people-displaced-phillipines-20896386","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}