A Year in the Life of a Pope

Pope Francis' short time in the Vatican has come with many firsts.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for A Year in the Life of a Pope
It's been one year since the world gathered in Saint Peter's Square and -- France's first post ever elected from the new world. Introduced himself but -- data since then. He's taken a rock star persona planning on the cover of Rolling Stone and earning the top spots on time's person of the year -- But what exactly has the people's hope accomplished in his first year on the job. He's breaking with tradition and ditching the famous red shoes and fancy -- and opting for. -- look simple white robes and modest living quarters. When he isn't riding around in a twenty year old -- or taking a local bus but Francis is shuffled around. New revamped hope will be with an immediate access to the people. In fact you could say he's taking the church to the people literally. He's very patient with children still has a sense of humor. He's even reportedly sneaking out of the Vatican dressed as a priest so he can minister to the homeless have grown. Despite the super potent image he's been known to drop the F bomb and -- -- would -- And -- of course -- seven year old he knows his way around the though not the first -- to use Twitter -- is -- most influential world leader and the first vote to smash itself. But he means business as well rooting out corruption in the -- like -- the bishop of blame for spending. Point seven million dollars on housing renovation. But Francis is just change the image of the church that is changing the message as well advocating a greater role of women and leadership position. Even washing -- -- another first for the post. And he's declaring that troops on the culture wars he accepts gays and lesbians. Have been -- game saying we'll try to -- The Francis effect. Is also being felt in the United States despite all the sex abuse scandals that have rocked Catholic Church. 85% of American Catholics view him favorably. And more than 71%. Say he's a change for the better. -- first year on the job. That's not such a bad start.

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{"id":22887217,"title":"A Year in the Life of a Pope","duration":"3:00","description":"Pope Francis' short time in the Vatican has come with many firsts.","url":"/International/video/a-year-in-the-life-of-pope-francis-22887217","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}